Garden of “read’n” !!


The “tree hugger” has entered a new “garden” and is feasting her tired eyes on an orchard of new trees.  My research started thirty-plus years ago and I never encountered these individuals. Before I collected volumes of information regarding descendants of immigrant Michael Frantz. Marian A Gould had amassed volumes of information and painstakingly recorded the information on large sheets of paper. Her ancestry (on appears to go back to Johannes Frantz, son of Christian Frantz (the third). I have Christian Frantz III well documented and that is blatantly false. So I will be using my magnifying glass to examine the meticulously documented information by Marian A Gould (1922-2016). FYI: Her mother was a “Frantz.” Below: Just two interesting items I want to share with my readers.


P.S.: This is such a mystery! The deeper I go the stranger the information. My head is shaking  back and forth with “no, no, no.” ~~ Before I use the magnifying glass for the information from Marian (via Frederick Frantz), I’ll need to set up the ironing board and smooth the pages. I’m in the process of documenting reliable sources from

Gratefully, I have two computers so I can “read” information on one and “write” (document) on the other.


This has been an all-day search for accurate records regarding the identity of several “key” individuals. I don’t have the desired information and I’m so disgusted with “Member Family Trees” with the same inconclusive data copied from tree to another tree. “Inconclusive” and inaccurate!! (I look at Member Family Trees for a possible “hint” that will complement the information in my database.)

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