Let the good times roll

“Let the good times roll.”  Why did that come to mind? I like to post a “catchy title” to my blog messages and that’s what popped into my thinking. If you have followed my recent blog messages. you know I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors working in the yard and carport. For three days, I did not “climb the family tree.” It surprises me that so many more individuals were added in one month. Yesteday, less work and many hours visiting with neighbors.  They see me, I see them while riding the three-wheel bicycle. Perhaps the very nice weather has prompted folks to leave the sanctuary of their trailer home? Leaving “the sanctuary of my trailer home” has been beneficial. However, from my position in front of the laptop computer, looking out the glass double doors, I see my Trump flag and American flag. I’m grieved by the election conundrum.

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