Cloudy, gloomy, rainy, …

…weepy, depressed!!

rainIt’s so sad to handle boxes of memorabilia labeled as a gift for a grandson knowing he’ll never see it. (I’ve searched the Internet and cannot find him.) It’s so sad to toss family pictures!! I don’t have enough space to continue storing… and recognize that it is foolish to continue paying for a storage unit. So, today is a reflection of my emotions.

New Year’s resolution: DOWNSIZE!!

smiles-face-very-sadPostscript, 10:00 AM: I regret getting out of bed this morning!! I went to the dining room for coffee and “a couple of good deeds.” Conversations took a negative turn and I was in a very hostile environment!! Unnamed (unknown) someone (or several someones) think my bottle trees and bottle bushes are “trashy” and should not be allowed. The topic will come up in our next resident’s meeting. Someone (or several someones) tore my labels off several glass bottles of olive oil and vinegar. I had attached a label saying “please save bottle for Lorraine.” (Too bad I don’t have some of the wine I purchased [and gave away] because I’m tempted to drown my sorrows!! Wine recipients returned the pretty bottles.)






Postscript, 2:00 PM: In conversation, in the CARE dining room, after the noon meal, the malcontent  revealed themselves. I’m so grieved that my “extended family” feel so strongly about the bottles. They say No more“!! Within a week, I’ll received the package with Awesome Blossom and I’d planned to prepare a cement base for it (in a planter). anxietyI’m already having an anxiety attack as I think about the way they will react to forty-nine more bottles (bush) in my yard.

Ready, set, “throw” !!

Remember the large trash container I recently purchased from Thrift ‘n Gift?? I bought it with the intention of planting the Texas Lilac in it. That will have to wait; I’ll conveniently use it for my “downsizing” project. Yesterday, I bought heavy-duty trash bags and today I start the process.

Trash receptacle in front of Thrift 'n Gift

Trash can near my car and trailer

Seventy-eight trash bags


With a bag

With a bag and ribbon holding bag open

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

exclamation-mark-and-question-mark-in-red-useMid-afternoon postscript: I’m off to a good start!?


Getting started at one-fifteen

Empty container that held maps

More empty boxes

Several more boxes to process

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Biltmore brochures

Health books and Smiley Faces

KIA, TaB at Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate pictures taken in 2010.

Another “indoor” kind of day !!

Temperature at ten

Two new bottles


I washed my few dishes so I could wash the new bottles. It’s a cloudy day with a strong wind. It feels cooler than the documented temperature.

Cleaned planterAlso scrubbed the planter so it is ready when I prepare for Awesome Blossom.”  Yes, another “tree” is in the mail, en route to a place of prominence in my “yarden.”

Correction at 2:50 PM: On the patio, wearing a warm sweater, kind of day. giphyI’m pleased with myself: I thought “a box or two” but (at this hour) five or six boxes emptied. The afternoon temperature is reasonably comfortable; I’m headed to the neighbor’s storage building for more of my boxes.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ?!

Late afternoon sunshine on bottle tree (1)

Late afternoon sunshine on bottle tree (2)“Yours truly” was drawn to the neighbor’s yard by the sparkle of late afternoon sun on the bottles. I’m getting so much pleasure from the bottles–and the “tree” and “bush” project. Sadly, I’m hearing that some CARE residents think it is “ugly” and “trashy.” ~~ Today, at two stores, I found several pretty used bottles. Three years, three months, in Livingston and I (only) recently learned about a consignment store. It was a delightful visit and I’m hoping for interested individuals for my “downsized” possessions.

A “least favorite” day !!

smiley-face-thumbs-up-thumbs-down-bestDetails and pictures to follow. At 5:45 PM, I am too weary to expand information!! I got an early start at the laundry room in the adjacent RV Park. One of the other individuals used dryer sheets and it made me violently sick. I’m so sensitive to odors!! ~~ The weather was AWESOME!! 

Temperature at one AM

Temperature at seven AM

Temperature at eleven-thirty

Air dry laundry

Temperature at eleven-fifty

Temperature at one-forty

Temperature at two

Temperature at four-fifteen

Variety is the spice of life ?!

Today, I had “variety”!!

Not a "Christmas" Bottle TreeTwo hours in the laundry room was followed by two (or three) hours dismantling the Christmas Bottle Tree. With a monster headache from fumes from dryer sheets, I knew I needed lots of fresh air. When I’m working in the yard, I forget aches, pains–and headache!! My neighbor/friend wants me to leave “the tree” so I rearranged bottles and added other colors.

Back home, I packaged the lights, and garland, and boxed for December 2017.

I’d been watching the temperature(s) on my weather station. Suddenly I noticed the thermometer for the greenhouse. OMG, 118 degrees!! I rushed out and opened the door–and watered the plants and Garden Tower.

Temperature in the green house

Plants were baking in the greenhouse

One of my favorite CARE volunteers arrived at my patio about 2:50 asking if I was ready to move things from the mini-storage. From a nearby lawn chair, I grabbed my purse, padlock key, and camera indicating I was ready to go.

Dave moving boxes from storage unit

CARE pickup truck

Wide view of storage unit

Muscle Man

From the pickup truck to storage

Inside the neighbor's storage building

Dave's job is finishedFor twelve years, from state to state, I’ve moved family photos, genealogy, health and nutrition library. My sons have rejected my memorabilia. Most of the things we moved today will be thrown into the dumpster!! Anything appropriate will go to our CARE Thrift ‘n Gift Shop. I’d appreciate your prayers as I “downsize” the cherished treasures.

(This message published at nine PM. Now I’m headed to bed. ~~ Headache gone.)

Surprise Christmas gifts !!

Three dear lady friends (separately) favored me with gifts. Personally, I didn’t shop; I didn’t gift; I didn’t send cards (because this is not my favorite time of year). I’m so appreciative of their thoughtfulness!! ~~ And a man I’ve never met, sent a topper for the Bottle Tree.

Surprise package

All from a dear lady friend

PillowOh Garden Angel
oh so dear
Bless the flowers
that bud this year
Let the sun shine
down from above
and Bless the blossoms that
bloom with love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gift from Mr. Dave. the bottle tree man

Topper for Bottle Tree~~~~ Random Acts of Kindness ~~~~


Pack rat !!

What’s that old expression about intentions?? “The road to Hell….”

Honestly, I “downsized” a substantial amount of Christmas stuff but I’m saving these….

Saving Christmas items



Temperature at twoCan you believe your eyes? It felt like a Summer day. I’d planned to do “indoor” projects–after taking down all my (few) Christmas decorations–but found myself doing gardening. I considered taking down the Christmas Bottle Tree but friends and neighbors encouraged me to leave it up “because it is so pretty.”


Bottle Tree close up

Lights on Bottle Tree