Variety is the spice of life ?!

Today, I had “variety”!!

Not a "Christmas" Bottle TreeTwo hours in the laundry room was followed by two (or three) hours dismantling the Christmas Bottle Tree. With a monster headache from fumes from dryer sheets, I knew I needed lots of fresh air. When I’m working in the yard, I forget aches, pains–and headache!! My neighbor/friend wants me to leave “the tree” so I rearranged bottles and added other colors.

Back home, I packaged the lights, and garland, and boxed for December 2017.

I’d been watching the temperature(s) on my weather station. Suddenly I noticed the thermometer for the greenhouse. OMG, 118 degrees!! I rushed out and opened the door–and watered the plants and Garden Tower.

Temperature in the green house

Plants were baking in the greenhouse

One of my favorite CARE volunteers arrived at my patio about 2:50 asking if I was ready to move things from the mini-storage. From a nearby lawn chair, I grabbed my purse, padlock key, and camera indicating I was ready to go.

Dave moving boxes from storage unit

CARE pickup truck

Wide view of storage unit

Muscle Man

From the pickup truck to storage

Inside the neighbor's storage building

Dave's job is finishedFor twelve years, from state to state, I’ve moved family photos, genealogy, health and nutrition library. My sons have rejected my memorabilia. Most of the things we moved today will be thrown into the dumpster!! Anything appropriate will go to our CARE Thrift ‘n Gift Shop. I’d appreciate your prayers as I “downsize” the cherished treasures.

(This message published at nine PM. Now I’m headed to bed. ~~ Headache gone.)

One comment on “Variety is the spice of life ?!

  1. carol says:

    Fortunately if any of the next generations want family information it will be a lot easier for them to find than it was for your hard work. Maybe a great great grandchild will be looking sometime don the road

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