Some humor in my “serious” work week !!

Yours truly finds herself multi-tasking. During the computer/scanning project, while a file is saving, or “rendering,” I look at “the next batch” or I peruse another box awaiting time and attention. I found this poem in the Summer 1987 issue of Smith Papers Newsletter (never found my Smiths). However, I may re-visit the material because (subsequent to the 1980’s and 1990’s), I found my Smith ancestors on

Family Trees

I climbed my family tree and found
It was not worth the climb.
And so I scrambled down convinced
It was a waste of time.

Some branches of my tree I found
Were rotten to the core.
And all the tree full of sap
And hung with nuts galore.

I used to brag to my kinfolks
Before I made the climb.
But truth compels me not to tell
Of those not worth a dime.

And I beg my friends who boast aloud
Of their ancestors great.
To climb their family trees and learn
Of those who weren’t so straight.

I learned what family trees are like
And then I scrambled down.
They’re like a ‘tatervine because
The best is underground

Author unknown

Can’t sleep; too much on my mind !!

For Lorraine, it is Christmas in April!! The last couple of days, a quick search of the Internet (via Google) reveals the new library is delivering (to me) requested information. Now, I recognize it might be because my computer(s) are full of cache and “cookies” related to those names. However, I hope (and pray) everyone has the same access, same success.

Yesterday, the entire day, was spent scanning information provided by Evelyn Rosemary Frantz (1921-2013). I haven’t made a dent in the box full of information. This may take a week?! I’m feeling guilty: She gave me the information years ago (2000?) and I’ve neglected documentation of her Immigrant Baltzar Frantz. (“Better late than never.”)

Procrastinate no more !!

Recently, in a blog message, I used the words “crazy maker.”  Please note that I used that same expression on August 14th, 2006 while approaching this same project.

The process of scanning, and inserting on the website, is now familiar. But I’m a “perfectionist” so the same material might be scanned three times for best image (quality control). I’m encouraged now that I’m approaching all the boxes by my front door. ~~ Keep me in your prayers, please. It’s two o’clock in the morning; I couldn’t sleep; too much on my mind!! (Yesterday’s pictures.)

Productive morning ?!

To my credit (?), I deposited a large bag of plastic bags in a container at the entrance of the grocery store. At the local SPCA, I donated a stack of throw rugs and towels (for pet cages).

Creature of habit ?!

Look closely at the first picture, click to enlarge: In the 1990’s, I kept a big notebook of instructions for various “steps” in the process of preparing and publishing (hard copy) Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. Currently, I have a notebook of instructions for “how to” scan and “how to” navigate Digitized Library Family History. Back then, as now, a pink (or red) felt marker “star” was used to emphasize especially important information.

A day in the library

We had rain, off-and-on, throughout the day. I was indoors focused on scanning. I made some progress; I emptied two boxes!! I want to share one of today’s “rewards.” Years ago, I read a story titled The Daughter of a Blacksmith, in Good Old Days magazine, November 1986. Naturally the name of the author, Floe Frantz, caught my attention. In the 1990’s I attempted to resolve her identity; today, I finally made the “connection.” First: Read The Daughter of a Blacksmith. Second: Correspondence regarding identity of Floe Frantz. Third: My note confessing the Lineage established (because I found my answers on

Deliberate & intentional !!

The computer was turned “off” for more than thirty-six hours. During daytime, it is usually “on” and I check it frequently. (Some of you know I check frequently because I answer an email within the hour.)

It seemed vitally important to click the “pause” button, push the “reset”….

The new computer, and scanner, were set up on March 8th, forty days ago. Only two boxes of discards from scanned family history. At this rate, it may take more than one year?! I haven’t removed a single box from the stack by my front door.

Today, to my credit, I have two boxes of Christian literature ready to mail to Love Packages. I’ve actually discarded two boxes of scanned family history.


It’s a beautiful morning, weather-wise, and several tasks accomplished in my “yarden.” But I was anxious to check my email, and publish another blog. It’s safe to say I am addicted to the computer.