Some humor in my “serious” work week !!

Yours truly finds herself multi-tasking. During the computer/scanning project, while a file is saving, or “rendering,” I look at “the next batch” or I peruse another box awaiting time and attention. I found this poem in the Summer 1987 issue of Smith Papers Newsletter (never found my Smiths). However, I may re-visit the material because (subsequent to the 1980’s and 1990’s), I found my Smith ancestors on

Family Trees

I climbed my family tree and found
It was not worth the climb.
And so I scrambled down convinced
It was a waste of time.

Some branches of my tree I found
Were rotten to the core.
And all the tree full of sap
And hung with nuts galore.

I used to brag to my kinfolks
Before I made the climb.
But truth compels me not to tell
Of those not worth a dime.

And I beg my friends who boast aloud
Of their ancestors great.
To climb their family trees and learn
Of those who weren’t so straight.

I learned what family trees are like
And then I scrambled down.
They’re like a ‘tatervine because
The best is underground

Author unknown

Can’t sleep; too much on my mind !!

For Lorraine, it is Christmas in April!! The last couple of days, a quick search of the Internet (via Google) reveals the new library is delivering (to me) requested information. Now, I recognize it might be because my computer(s) are full of cache and “cookies” related to those names. However, I hope (and pray) everyone has the same access, same success.

Yesterday, the entire day, was spent scanning information provided by Evelyn Rosemary Frantz (1921-2013). I haven’t made a dent in the box full of information. This may take a week?! I’m feeling guilty: She gave me the information years ago (2000?) and I’ve neglected documentation of her Immigrant Baltzar Frantz. (“Better late than never.”)

Procrastinate no more !!

Recently, in a blog message, I used the words “crazy maker.”  Please note that I used that same expression on August 14th, 2006 while approaching this same project.

The process of scanning, and inserting on the website, is now familiar. But I’m a “perfectionist” so the same material might be scanned three times for best image (quality control). I’m encouraged now that I’m approaching all the boxes by my front door. ~~ Keep me in your prayers, please. It’s two o’clock in the morning; I couldn’t sleep; too much on my mind!! (Yesterday’s pictures.)

Productive morning ?!

To my credit (?), I deposited a large bag of plastic bags in a container at the entrance of the grocery store. At the local SPCA, I donated a stack of throw rugs and towels (for pet cages).

Creature of habit ?!

Look closely at the first picture, click to enlarge: In the 1990’s, I kept a big notebook of instructions for various “steps” in the process of preparing and publishing (hard copy) Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. Currently, I have a notebook of instructions for “how to” scan and “how to” navigate Digitized Library Family History. Back then, as now, a pink (or red) felt marker “star” was used to emphasize especially important information.