Productive morning ?!

To my credit (?), I deposited a large bag of plastic bags in a container at the entrance of the grocery store. At the local SPCA, I donated a stack of throw rugs and towels (for pet cages).

One comment on “Productive morning ?!

  1. Dwayne Wrightsman says:

    Hi Lorraine,
    How nice to hear from you and to learn that you and I are both still kicking. I’m two years younger than you, but still publishing two articles per year for Mennonite Family History. If you have a chance, you will find a lot to learn about the Frantz families of Little Swatara and how they were connected with their Frantz first cousins who they married. No wonder I was so confused back 15 years or so ago. My next article is about Jacob Meyer (1713-1801) who was married to Magdalena Frantz (sister of Michael Frantz of Little Swatara). I have found out that the key to writing articles is to write about the incredible number of unknown wives related to men that we know.

    Dwayne Wrightsman

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