Nik Wallenda sets a record in Orlando

Yesterday morning, eight until noon, I was attending a CPR training class. I missed seeing Nik Wallenda‘s walk on the Orlando Eye in  Florida. So I did a Google search and found a video of the event. OMG, how scary!! I am very uncomfortable with heights!! Just watching was frightening!! (Climbing ladders in my yard is a challenge!!)

~ ~ ~

Time and temperatureAnother cool night; another morning where I activated the furnace.

Nine o’clock: Now I’m heading to Lowe’s for organic planter soil. I’m overdue to plant lettuce, radish and green onion seeds.


It’s been over three weeks since I shopped. First stop: Tractor Supply for bird and squirrel food. Second: Health Food Store. Third: Lowe’s for two bags organic, and one bag non-organic, planter soil, one Yellow Bell Pepper plant, one red Calibrachoa, one Marigold plant. Fourth: Groceries from a local market. ~~ I planted as soon as I got home (before I put groceries away, lol). Well, I planted… after using the hand-truck to move the planter soil, and bird seed, from the car to their respective locations. Then I started the process of setting up sections of a wire fence. Yesterday, a departing resident (in the RV Park) gave me a lot of garden things. It will take energy to force the bottom of the wire fence into the rocks alongside the white pipe berm. Some wire needs to be straightened. A good project for another day. Then I must plant the long-neglected Periwinkle plants along the pipe.

Wire fence (1)

Wire fence (2)

Wire fence (3)

Pepper plant

MarigoldsOne new Marigold but four “old” plants that had been neglected because no planter soil.

Abracadabra !!

TemperatureFeels like Winter!! (Abracadabra.) Yesterday, due to dip in temperature, I had to close my windows and door.  I wanted to turn on the furnace but the recent power outage disabled furnace/air-conditioner. The tower oscillating heater was packed into storage several weeks ago (and I wasn’t going to struggle to get it). Instead, I clicked toggle switches in the breaker box; I changed batteries in the remote control. Finally, some heat!! The temp was low during the night but quickly raised when I got up (to shower).

A busy day ahead: I’m taking a professional CPR training class. It would be another great day for indoor, or outdoor, tasks but I signed up, and paid, some weeks ago. Gotta go.

I’m not “the Energizer Bunny” of years past but I still have the desire to assist in time of need–here at our CARE community. We never know when an accident–or weather–will affect our residents. Yesterday, one resident fell and broke her hip. It was our weekly trip to Livingston, by bus, to the market (formerly to Walmart). A “fluke”: She took a wrong step between the bus and the curb. It didn’t require CPR (of course) but I mention because “accidents happen” and I am more capable than most residents.  (I praise God for my health and physical ability. No, I wasn’t on the bus trip; I was “Spring cleaning.”

Spring cleaning !!

“Liar, liar, pants on fire!” Remember that old saying?? Today I want to reference you back to a previous blog message (November 28, 2014) where I made a “resolution” to Keep things tidy!! ~~ Honestly, I haven’t!! Too little space for all the things I have accumulated and have not yet gotten rid of. ~~ Today has been quite chilly and I wore a jacket most of the morning and early afternoon. Only sixty-three degrees at three o’clock on a gloomy overcast day. Cool enough to do some “deep” cleaning. Stanley and I have been busy!! (Sitting down to prepare this blog is my “break”.) ~~ Our weather has been so peculiar: Lots of hot humid days where too hot to do some strenuous vacuuming. Or: weather was perfect but I was busy volunteering at the CARE Health Fair or the CARE Garage Sale.  No rain today (slight amount overnight) so I could temporarily shift things to the patio. I’m feeling good about my accomplishments but “Oh, my aching back.” (Punishing myself because I feel depressed about missing the 2015 T@B Blue Ridge Rally!!)

In the May 2014 blog message, I have a picture of “Ivy.” Here are before and after pictures. She seems very happy on my patio.

Ivy in 2014

Ivy 2015

Rude awakening !!

Awakened about 4:30 AM because I heard thunder in the distance.  I got up and turned on the TV news. Yes, severe weather was headed our way. Shortly after that first picture, at 5:06 AM, the power went out. Picture number two is the only successful image attempting to capture a lightning strike. The wind was determined to rip the awning off my trailer.  I located flash lights, quickly dressed, got out a rain coat, and put my purse with ID and medical cards at the door. In almost pitch darkness–except for lightening–I watched and waited. I wondered if the CARE Center was open–because it has a generator. At 6:30 I went to the Center and, indeed, staff and volunteers had been there since 4:30. It was eight o’clock before power was restored to the entire area. I headed home and started collecting debris in my yard. Nine-thirty as I type these words and it is a bright sunny morning. However, a second wave of thunderstorms will hit this afternoon.

TV weather

Rain and lightening

Rain water in yard

Rain water in yard (2)

Swirling water



Wind blew over the signs--signs set in cement

Downed planters and fallen limbs

Garden flags are down

Maintenance picking up limbs

A few of the limbs from my yard

Over 1-1/2 inches of rainTime and temperatureHumor me?! I want to display larger images of two pictures.

1) Lightning, 2) Dawn

Rain and lightening


A silk purse from a sow’s ear

Have you heard that old expression about making a silk purse from of a sow’s ear? I like to think that I’m creative and turn a piece of junk into an art object. Debatable?! Remember the “masterpiece” I built in North Carolina? I’m still using it today. Here are last year’s Begonias in the planter base, and Petunias in hanging baskets.

Last years Begonias

Petunias in hanging baskets

Petunias in hanging baskets

Well not an “art piece” but the use of “junk” for a trellis.

Several trellis'

White trellis

Wood trellis

CD-rack as trellis

(Above left) See the twin-bed-frame leaning against the tree? Now it will serve as a trellis for Scarlet Runner Beans. How about that cart as a trellis for “Tommy” tomato plant?? Now I can navigate the plant between sunshine and shade.

Bed frame trellis

Tomato plant is thriving

Milk crate plantersWhat about the milk crate planters on the wrought-iron chairs? It was an experiment but looks attractive (IMHO).

Shelter (3)What do you think of the shelter I built to protect my perennial plants during the winter?


Here is an explanation of humidity.

Smiley face sweatingI wasn’t looking for such a detailed explanation; I only wanted to know if 65% is “high.” Yes, we have sixty-five percent at two o’clock in the afternoon–and the outdoor temperature is eighty-six. Indoors: Eighty-eight degrees. I have a fan oscillating in the kitchen/dining area but concede that I may have to turn on the air-conditioner for the first time this year. It is oppressively HOT!! I’m so lethargic, I can hardly move!!

Just thought you might like to know.

Philosophy for Old Age

Philosophy for old age.

Full screen symbolI received as an email… and had to search the Internet for a form I could share with you. When you have the YouTube web link, open it so you have “full screen.” (That little box in the lower far right corner of the display.)

The pictures are exquisite (IMHO). The message is great, too!! Enjoy!!

Below is one of my favorites. Wish I could have made it larger. I’m computer savvy but sometimes I fail to accomplish the goal I have in mind. 😦  True example: I wish the “full screen” image was smaller; I wish the picture was larger. I spent a lot of time trying to achieve both–to no avail.

Great picture, great message