Good tidings of great joy !!

The day was exceptionally nice–and warm. The temperature reached 70 degrees (or more here; 76 degrees in Houston). I should have worked in the yard and storage building but prepared previous message Keep it simple. I had three visitors (extremely unusual) and we sat on the patio and chatted. One hour into our conversation, I suddenly asked Ken if he would help me with a project. He hesitated…, skeptical? I pointed out my proposed shelter and said I need help spreading the large tarp. He was agreeable… and it did not take very long. The pictures tell the story. IMHO, it looked good. Next time we have some freezing temperatures, my perennial plants will be safe.


Shelter (1)

Shelter (2)

Shelter (3)

Tarp label

Time and temperature
Relaxing in front of the fire

– – –

After a day with accomplishments, I’ll relax with a good book in front of the fire. A fire… thanks to a VHS-tape.

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