Counting my Christmas blessings !!

Random listing, all are equally valuable!! Christmas luncheon for “widow ladies.”  Computer glasses because “the old lady”  is having vision problems. Relaxing tea because “the old lady”  has trouble sleeping!! Expensive furnace repair because “the old lady”  had a faulty furnace. ~~ Each “gifter”  reads my blog and responded with gifts appropriate to my needs. (I hope, and pray, my blog [my journal] is read for content and not an appeal for goods and services!!)



Lost my cabbage !!

(Lost my mind?) I’ve searched my two refrigerators, and the car, and no head of cabbage. Apparently it didn’t make it home? I distinctly remember selecting…, and putting in a plastic bag, in my shopping cart!! I forget things (like names) but a veggie purchase is indelible in my mind.

Something to consider !!

Copied from another post.

“You know when you go to Wal-Mart and the grocery store and they have the wipes to clean your cart handle? How many of you don’t use them? Well, I do and I always thought of the germs only. Was told that the police also suggests you do it because of all the problems with drugs, if someone has Fentynyl still on their hands and they touch that cart they transfer it to the cart, then you get it on you, one drop can cause death. Scary but worth taking the time to clean the handle. Plus: One doctor told me to use the sanitizing wipes because of hepatitis. All you have to do is rub your nose or touch your child’s mouth.”

Not a “Lorraine original.”  Copied…

Saturday saddness ?!

A supremely interesting program aired on Houston PBS television (at 9:00 AM). It was about small gardens and “supremely interesting.”  But I turned off the TV and came to the computer to document my sadness. I’ve loved my gardening experiences the past six or seven years. However, 2019 will be the year I attempt to eliminate the plants–and all the paraphernalia. I’m “just a renter”  with no guarantee I’ll still be at this address in 2020.

Another storm heading our way; it’s cold and cloudy outdoors. (Gratefully, yesterday’s shopping trip was warm and pleasant.) Today may be an opportunity to read more chapters in the new, recently received (in the mail) “health and nutrition” book.  ~~ With a wide variety of fresh vegetables, I plan to make a large kettle of soup. (Saturday gladness; yum yum!!)

One year ago, this blog message.

“Smell” a blog ??

Too bad we don’t have the technology to send “smell”  with a blog message. (Within reason!! Occasionally, disagreeable odors in my neighborhood.) This “chunky vegetable” soup/stew smells divine!!



The “fire” has been off for several hours. Celery, carrots and potatoes need less cooking. It will be a delicious evening meal. ~~ Why did I document today’s activities? For six months our weather so very hot and humid there was no incentive to “cook.”  Lately, I’ve enjoyed preparing beans, lentils, and rice. Now I have “left overs”  in the freezer for future meals. Yum yum!!


Simply scrumptious supper!!

New water filter pitcher

For four decades, I’ve used distilled or filtered water. In the early years, we owned a distiller and used that exclusively. “Trailer living” dictates something smaller, and portable. Recently, in a blog “professional”  health newsletter, I read about the TuraPur Hydrogen Water Pitcher. Subsequent to my purchase, I’ve found negative reviews on the Internet. However, I’m going to anticipate the advertised benefits.

Here is one review worth reading. Download an ebook about Simple Steps to Optimum Health.