Saturday saddness ?!

A supremely interesting program aired on Houston PBS television (at 9:00 AM). It was about small gardens and “supremely interesting.”  But I turned off the TV and came to the computer to document my sadness. I’ve loved my gardening experiences the past six or seven years. However, 2019 will be the year I attempt to eliminate the plants–and all the paraphernalia. I’m “just a renter”  with no guarantee I’ll still be at this address in 2020.

Another storm heading our way; it’s cold and cloudy outdoors. (Gratefully, yesterday’s shopping trip was warm and pleasant.) Today may be an opportunity to read more chapters in the new, recently received (in the mail) “health and nutrition” book.  ~~ With a wide variety of fresh vegetables, I plan to make a large kettle of soup. (Saturday gladness; yum yum!!)

One year ago, this blog message.

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