Honey, I’m home !!

Honey I'm homeIMG_1783Arrived home just before two o’clock. It’s 2:22 PM and I’ve checked my email messages. Nobody missed me!! No personal email messages–just my “get them every day” health and nutrition newsletters.

Halloween message (below) was prepared a week or ten days ago. This evening there will be a bonfire and some games, and scary stories. I’ll wear the costume.

Halloween fun !!

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Halloween “trick or treat,” etc.  But it is fun to dress up “silly” once or twice a year. Remember when I dressed up in a lion costume??

For many years, I wore a “generic Halloween costume” (as a witch). This year I’m adding a mink shoulder wrap to the ensemble. The beautiful mink wrap was in a pillowcase that ended up at my tables prior to the CARE garage sale. With an eye for value (because I’m a thrift shop “junkie”) I “rescued” the adorable little critters because “too valuable” for our twenty-five cent, fifty cent, and one dollar bargain tables!! (I think our most expensive item was a new large crock pot priced at $20.00. I believe the same item sells for about $60.00.)

I’ve been doing research, on the Internet, and have a treasure trove of valuable information. “Minky” will eventually find a new home and the money will be added to the proceeds from the CARE garage sale. This article was especially helpful –and interesting reading!! Here’s a professional view of a similar mink wrap.

Mink wrap

Generic Halloween costume

"Minky" with Halloween costume

Witch hat

Mink shoulder wrap

Old witch


Burr, it's coldPostscript, 8:20 PM: Changed my mind. The fur just didn’t belong with this outfit!! (There was major conflict with the long gray hair!!) ~~ I came home before the festivities ended. I was (am) cold!!

Keeping busy !!

Lots to do before we leave for a four-day camp out. I’m packed–and well-organized–but the other three ladies needed “a meeting” to discuss (and re-discuss) details. We’ve all been RVers (seasoned travelers); it surprises me that there is so much indecision. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when we get old?!?!

Summer skirts & blousesThis morning I packed my summer skirts (nine) and blouses. Now, instead of bright colors, I’ll wear brown, gray, and black.

There was a special trip to Livingston to buy gasoline, get the car washed, return items… and buy items at Walmart. For this trip, I bought bottled water. (At home, I filter my water. ) I’m taking instant oatmeal for breakfast–and will share, of course. I don’t know what “they” will be serving but I’m not fond of “big breakfasts.” Practically every lunch and evening meal is scheduled at a restaurant.  Wednesday night is a potluck and I’m prepared with Bush’s Baked Beans and my crock pot. I have a lot of snack items, too (for “them,” not me).

It’s 4:30 and the car is packed. I’m eating the last of the perishables so my refrigerator is almost bare. The plants are watered in my yard, and the yard of a traveling neighbor. Oh yes, I stopped and paid the rent on the mini-storage unit; I mailed checks. I think everything is done and I’m almost ready for an eleven o’clock departure tomorrow. Boring

Boring message, I know.

Artificial Intelligence another foe ??

Laptop computer and old ladyWhile enjoying my first cup of coffee, I read this article about artificial intelligence. I doubt that I live long enough to experience that threat. Our more imminent threat is Ebola. ~~ I love the vast information available at my fingertips: The World Wide Web. ~~ Frankly, I would accomplish more projects in my yard, mini-storage, and trailer home **if** I spent less time on the computer. OK, almost nine o’clock, time to get busy!!

Happiness Hypothesis

My morning started in a usual–and unusual–way. First (as usual), make coffee and read my email messages. One message mentioned Happiness Hypothesis and that intrigued me. I went to the Internet and quickly found this lecture by  Jonathan Haidt. This held my attention for one hour and I found it very interesting (and challenging). What’s my biological “set point”? Later I plan to take a test (or two?) from Authentic Happiness. Right now, nine o’clock, I need to tackle some of my many projects!!

Key to Happiness

The cat’s meow !!

This morning–bright and early, I was at the laundry room. There were clothes in two washing machines and a sleeping bag in the third. Likewise three dryers. Although I use the dryers, my preference is to have things “line dry.” We do not have the luxury of clothes lines but I have places in my yard where I can hang hangers. Today I had eighteen hangers and there were two items on each hanger. All that to say: I have two new (used) square dance outfits. I fell in love with the long, full, “swishy” skirts of two sleeveless dresses!! (This old lady does not wear “sleeveless.”) I’ve searched for “pullovers” to complement the dresses. I like to create things that are unusual and unique!! As time goes by, I may be able to add different tops for additional variety?!

Black top with sleeveless dress

Sleeveless dress

Red sleeveless dress with pullover

Red sleeveless dres

"Time" pullover with black sleeveless dress

Multi-color pullover with red sleeveless dress

Although I started packing a suitcase a few days ago, I still have lots of things to do the next two days–before our Monday morning departure for the Escapees Chapter 10 camp out–at Rayford Crossing RV Resort. ~~ Furthermore, the weeds, and falling leaves, are relentless. The yard needs lots of attention!!

On a positive note: I have spent very little money on my square dance, and cruise wardrobe.

Driver's license photoPostscript, Saturday, October 25, 2014: Received my Texas driver’s license today. In an earlier blog message, I said I look like “the cat that ate the canary.” The cat’s meow?!

Baby steps !!

Planning ahead for next week (camp out), I needed to off-load five large planters. I opened the mini-storage roll-up door and put the planters in open spaces. I closed the roll-up door and started to latch the padlocks. “No, Lorraine, spend a few minutes rearranging!! Take a few donations to Habitat for Humanity Resale store.” So I arranged, and rearranged. I even considered shifting the picnic table to a place along the right side wall. The picnic table is so heavy I couldn’t budge it one inch!! I took the Halo vacuum cleaner, two electric heaters, and several framed pictures to Habitat. “Are you sure you don’t need the heaters?” My reply: “I can’t hang on to everything; I must downsize.” ~~ Guess how many large planters are stored… but will be used next Spring? Fifteen!! Honestly, I didn’t realize I had acquired so many new planters. (They were on-sale!! Hence I could justify the purchases [a few at a time].) ~~ An Internet search reveals a similar picnic table weighs 216 pounds and sells for $179.00. Hopefully it will sell at our CARE Health Fair in March. ~~ “Baby steps”?? I’ve only begun to apply time and energy to downsizing the mini-storage unit.

The cluttered storage unit

Unloading large planters

Empty rear area

Planters quickly off-loaded

Decided to rearrange

Lots of empty boxes

The opposite corner

Behind the picnic table


Ready to donate

Cart full of donations

Habitat sign

Lunch at Cici's