Honey, I’m home !!

Honey I'm homeIMG_1783Arrived home just before two o’clock. It’s 2:22 PM and I’ve checked my email messages. Nobody missed me!! No personal email messages–just my “get them every day” health and nutrition newsletters.

Halloween message (below) was prepared a week or ten days ago. This evening there will be a bonfire and some games, and scary stories. I’ll wear the costume.

Halloween fun !!

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Halloween “trick or treat,” etc.  But it is fun to dress up “silly” once or twice a year. Remember when I dressed up in a lion costume??

For many years, I wore a “generic Halloween costume” (as a witch). This year I’m adding a mink shoulder wrap to the ensemble. The beautiful mink wrap was in a pillowcase that ended up at my tables prior to the CARE garage sale. With an eye for value (because I’m a thrift shop “junkie”) I “rescued” the adorable little critters because “too valuable” for our twenty-five cent, fifty cent, and one dollar bargain tables!! (I think our most expensive item was a new large crock pot priced at $20.00. I believe the same item sells for about $60.00.)

I’ve been doing research, on the Internet, and have a treasure trove of valuable information. “Minky” will eventually find a new home and the money will be added to the proceeds from the CARE garage sale. This article was especially helpful –and interesting reading!! Here’s a professional view of a similar mink wrap.

Mink wrap

Generic Halloween costume

"Minky" with Halloween costume

Witch hat

Mink shoulder wrap

Old witch


Burr, it's coldPostscript, 8:20 PM: Changed my mind. The fur just didn’t belong with this outfit!! (There was major conflict with the long gray hair!!) ~~ I came home before the festivities ended. I was (am) cold!!

Keeping busy !!

Lots to do before we leave for a four-day camp out. I’m packed–and well-organized–but the other three ladies needed “a meeting” to discuss (and re-discuss) details. We’ve all been RVers (seasoned travelers); it surprises me that there is so much indecision. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when we get old?!?!

Summer skirts & blousesThis morning I packed my summer skirts (nine) and blouses. Now, instead of bright colors, I’ll wear brown, gray, and black.

There was a special trip to Livingston to buy gasoline, get the car washed, return items… and buy items at Walmart. For this trip, I bought bottled water. (At home, I filter my water. ) I’m taking instant oatmeal for breakfast–and will share, of course. I don’t know what “they” will be serving but I’m not fond of “big breakfasts.” Practically every lunch and evening meal is scheduled at a restaurant.  Wednesday night is a potluck and I’m prepared with Bush’s Baked Beans and my crock pot. I have a lot of snack items, too (for “them,” not me).

It’s 4:30 and the car is packed. I’m eating the last of the perishables so my refrigerator is almost bare. The plants are watered in my yard, and the yard of a traveling neighbor. Oh yes, I stopped and paid the rent on the mini-storage unit; I mailed checks. I think everything is done and I’m almost ready for an eleven o’clock departure tomorrow. Boring

Boring message, I know.

Artificial Intelligence another foe ??

Laptop computer and old ladyWhile enjoying my first cup of coffee, I read this article about artificial intelligence. I doubt that I live long enough to experience that threat. Our more imminent threat is Ebola. ~~ I love the vast information available at my fingertips: The World Wide Web. ~~ Frankly, I would accomplish more projects in my yard, mini-storage, and trailer home **if** I spent less time on the computer. OK, almost nine o’clock, time to get busy!!

Happiness Hypothesis

My morning started in a usual–and unusual–way. First (as usual), make coffee and read my email messages. One message mentioned Happiness Hypothesis and that intrigued me. I went to the Internet and quickly found this lecture by  Jonathan Haidt. This held my attention for one hour and I found it very interesting (and challenging). What’s my biological “set point”? Later I plan to take a test (or two?) from Authentic Happiness. Right now, nine o’clock, I need to tackle some of my many projects!!

Key to Happiness