Cruise wear ?!

Actually, now I have a variety and I’ll choose the most attractive. Button-front shirts will look nice over a black sleeveless pullover–with the black pleated skirt. CARE garage sale purchase of blue light-weight hooded rain coat.  Add a pair of white canvas, lace up shoes for during the day walking on shipboard or sightseeing tours. ~~ All these… so I feel like I’m taking a trip with a new wardrobe!!

By the end of November, I may cancel a cruise if there are more reports of suspected Ebola on board–and countries like Belize and Mexico refusing to allow the liner to dock.

I’ve been doing hand laundry all afternoon. Good thing I checked the label on the long black sleeveless dress; it says “dry clean only.”

Beautiful blouse

Earth tones shirt

Another pretty shirt

Velvet sleeveless with matching jacket

– – – –

Long black pleated skirt

Sleeveless black top with sweater

Long sleeveless dress

White pullover sweater

– – – –

White slacks

Slacks (1)

Slacks (2)

Blue rain coat

– – – –

Neatly hung (1)

Neatly hung (2)

Thrift shop shoes

One comment on “Cruise wear ?!

  1. […] On a positive note: I have spent very little money on my square dance, and cruise wardrobe. […]

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