The cat’s meow !!

This morning–bright and early, I was at the laundry room. There were clothes in two washing machines and a sleeping bag in the third. Likewise three dryers. Although I use the dryers, my preference is to have things “line dry.” We do not have the luxury of clothes lines but I have places in my yard where I can hang hangers. Today I had eighteen hangers and there were two items on each hanger. All that to say: I have two new (used) square dance outfits. I fell in love with the long, full, “swishy” skirts of two sleeveless dresses!! (This old lady does not wear “sleeveless.”) I’ve searched for “pullovers” to complement the dresses. I like to create things that are unusual and unique!! As time goes by, I may be able to add different tops for additional variety?!

Black top with sleeveless dress

Sleeveless dress

Red sleeveless dress with pullover

Red sleeveless dres

"Time" pullover with black sleeveless dress

Multi-color pullover with red sleeveless dress

Although I started packing a suitcase a few days ago, I still have lots of things to do the next two days–before our Monday morning departure for the Escapees Chapter 10 camp out–at Rayford Crossing RV Resort. ~~ Furthermore, the weeds, and falling leaves, are relentless. The yard needs lots of attention!!

On a positive note: I have spent very little money on my square dance, and cruise wardrobe.

Driver's license photoPostscript, Saturday, October 25, 2014: Received my Texas driver’s license today. In an earlier blog message, I said I look like “the cat that ate the canary.” The cat’s meow?!

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