Trials and tribulations !! Fun and fancy !!

FINALLY, I’m “legal” in Texas!! Yesterday, the department finally issued me a temporary driver’s license and the official one should arrive within a month.

Almost didn’t get my driver’s license this time (again). I was so well-organized with more than enough information. Well my birth certificate says Lorraine Frantz and everything else is Lorraine Edwards. Where was my marriage license?? “You can’t be serious?? I’ve been a widow for over thirty years!! My marriage license??” (Furthermore, it would require two marriage licenses: One from Frantz to Ware, and one from Ware to Edwards.)

Fortunately, I also had my passport and the man (and a lady at the adjoining counter) finally agreed that their instructions say birth certificate or passport. So I finally walked out of the building with a temporary Texas driver’s license–and permanent one should arrive in about a month.

Yes, yes, yes, I know I’ve been “pressing my luck” these many months!! I’ve had such a bad experience with licenses in Texas!! Remember? Licenses for the three vehicles with a huge “new resident” tax.

To celebrate: I treated myself to a veggie pizza at the Pizza Hut just down the street from DMV. I “do” pizza about once  a year and this was the first time I’ve been in that establishment. (I’ve been here one year and three days.)

My new apronI shopped Walmart (not because I like it but because “all in one place”). It had begun to rain so I browsed every aisle, killing time. Impulse purchases: I bought the cutest apron. (And it supports a good cause.) I don’t know how much it was; no price on the shelf. It was “me” and I’ll wear it next week during the CARE garage sale. I couldn’t resist buying two vinyl table clothes with Texas flags splashed all over them (on sale). They will be cute for some of our social events.

Driver's license pictureThat’s it!! My BIG celebration day!! Boy am I glad to finally cross driver’s license off my “to do” list. Driver’s License. The picture on the driver’s license looks like I’m the cat that ate the canary.” That’s exactly the way I felt finally getting to the picture and finger-prints part of the process.

Driver's license photoPostscript, Saturday, October 25, 2014: Received my Texas Driver’s License today. Here’s the color picture of “the cat that ate the canary.”

2 comments on “Trials and tribulations !! Fun and fancy !!

  1. […] Saturday, October 25, 2014: Received my Texas driver’s license today. In an earlier blog message, I said I look like “the cat that ate the canary.” The cat’s […]

  2. sadaemon says:

    You sure don’t look like you’re “three-quarters”! Texas must be agreeing with you. Be well and enjoy the cooler weather.

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