Very sad but true !!

Is this information–regarding Ebola–on the major news programs?? I don’t have access to television but wonder if the news media is delivering the entire details regarding Ebola in Dallas, Texas (just one hundred eighty miles from my home).

More Ebola information from the Health Ranger.

Read Mike Adams’ other articles posted in my earlier blog. And, more about Ebola.


And this from the Douglass Report:

Big Pharma playing hero in Ebola outbreak it helped cause

U.S. soldiers are on the ground, double-timing their way through African cities crawling with disease. Hospitals are bursting with sick and dying patients.

Ebola has now reached three continents on its globe-trotting tour, and everyone is asking the same question.

Who’s to blame for the carnage?

How about the World Health Organization for its sloth-slow response to the initial outbreak? Or world leaders like our Appeaser in Chief, who have failed to lock down borders?

They’re partners in crime, for sure. But the REAL culprits behind the Ebola outbreak are the same folks now trying to play the hero… the same medical mischiefs who want to con you into believing they’re waging some valiant war against the disease.

Big Pharma.

Because drug companies didn’t exactly CAUSE the Ebola outbreak. But they did sit back and watch a lot of people die.

Every day you see a new media report about drug companies rushing to bring experimental medications and vaccines to market. But their efforts are about making cash, not saving lives.

Ebola isn’t some “Johnny come lately” disease. It was discovered 38 years ago, and there have been DOZENS of outbreaks since.

There shouldn’t have been any need to work overtime on experimental drugs. We should have had them years ago. Of course, there were three problems that got in the way:

  • The world’s governments have become dependent on Big Pharma to fund medical research.
  • The people dying of Ebola were poor.
  • Poor people are bad for Big Pharma’s bottom line.

See the problem?

Ben Neuman, a British virologist, recently told the Associated Press that Big Pharma avoided Ebola because “they have stockholders to think about.” Stockholders, not patients.

So Big Pharma turned its back on Ebola for decades — all while simultaneously waging a war against hydrogen peroxide and other natural treatments that could provide REAL hope for Ebola patients.

Well, don’t believe for a second that these pill pushers suddenly grew a conscience. When they do finally arrive from their labs, carrying some anti-Ebola elixir like it’s the Holy Grail, they’re going to shake down the world’s governments (including our own) for a king’s ransom.

And believe it or not, some folks will even call them heroes.

Well, friend, the real heroes in the war against Ebola are the doctors and nurses working 24-hour shifts out of Third World hospitals. They lack even basic safety supplies — and lots of them are joining the growing list of the dead.

So let’s be mighty careful before we put some drug company CEOs on a pedestal. Because all these execs see is a billion-dollar sales opportunity on their hands.

But there’s plenty of blood there, too.

Lorraine comment: The CARE residents (my next door neighbors) go to doctors and hospitals in Houston–not Dallas. However, isn’t it possible a Dallas patient might be transferred to Houston and the dreaded disease is transported to our more immediate area of concern?? Ebola could strike “home” in the near future!

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