Silver Linings !! Bright Horizons !!

North Carolina

Texas lone star state

Before I left North Carolina, a lady-friend gave me two small books. I want to share one thought from Silver Linings, Uplifting Thoughts.

There are places I have been

where memories abound,

of folks I met along the way

and happiness I found.

Now I set my sights upon

new visions to fulfill,

and know that what I find there

will be even grander still.

United states with state names on each


One more: Silver Linings, Life’s Journey

Past memories,
present experiences,
future dreams—
all are but different spokes
upon the wheel of life.
Each turn of the wheel
reminds us of where we came from,
of who we are today,
and of what we hope to become.

Busy, busy, busy !!!

FizzleI’m a “fizzle”; too pooped to pop!!  (Can’t develop a newsy blog with lots of pictures!!) I was in the kitchen at 6:30 this morning and on-the-run until one this afternoon. Today we served a BIG breakfast to residents of CARE–and residents in the Escapee RV Resort. As a fund-raiser (every Friday): Sausage, bacon, eggs (any way you want them), hash browns, grits, biscuits & gravy, coffee, juice, etc., for $4. We served over fifty people. Then wash dishes, lunch preparations (fried fish, black-eye peas, squash, cornbread, banana bread, peaches), serving…, clean up, etc.

The picture is an exaggeration but a fair representation of me wearing a bandanna (because hair net or ball cap is required) and an apron. Rubber gloves are a “must.” ~~ I usually wear a long skirt; residents often refer to me as “the lady in the dress.”

A day off !!

A day off but I have been exceptionally busy “doing” things in and around the T@B.  To illustrate my activities, I took a lot of pictures.  ~~ However, before 2 o’clock, I had to abandon the cleaning projects and head for the CARE Center because my little trailer was an oven.  Frankly, it was extremely hot sitting in my chair taking “a break.” No, I didn’t sit there and bake in 104 degree temperature!! I didn’t drink my coffee nor finish my apple before I had a visitor. She and I moved under the shade tree and had a delightful conversation. 

Removing grime from the window

This one is OK

Filling the fresh water tank

Filling the fresh water tank

Break time

Extremely hot outside

Window is sparkling clean

Too hot!! Time to go into the CARE Center

The In Between

Before I left JAARS, I commented that I was going into “the unknown .” A co-laborer, and near neighbor, started reciting from memory a poem she wrote. I have her permission to share it with you.

The In Between

I’ve never been this way before

Looking back at the distant shore

Many people I’ve met and places I’ve seen

But now I’m just somewhere in between


What lies behind and what lies ahead

It’s not really clear what will be instead

Of the things I’ve known and the people I’ve met

But I know God is not through with me yet


Nevertheless I must face today

With each step I take, God will show the way

Clinging to His unseen hand

Groping in darkness, I don’t understand


All that is happening and causing me grief

In light of eternity this period is brief

But for now it’s painful – this stage in between

What lies ahead and what’s already been seen


Heavenly Father, I want to trust you more

To fully know what you have in store

For your fearful and trembling child

Who’s prone to wander with thoughts running wild


Hold me steady, let me cry as I may

Read my journal for that’s how I pray

During this period of in between

What lies ahead and what’s already been seen


May the decisions I make be good and wise

Pleasing to you as you help me rise

To new heights that I’ve not yet seen

That will take me from the in between


When one day I’ll look back and say

Why so fearful, God knew the way?

And was leading me all the while

To a new chapter where I would once again smile


And I’ll look back to all that’s been seen

Including this period of the in between

Where I experienced your presence so close and dear

As you personally wiped each falling tear


And reminded me we’re all in between

Not fully imagining what is yet to be seen

When we see you in glory face to face

But until then, may I run the race


A race set before me though long it may be

Will be worth it all when your face I see

And there will be no more in between

For all that you are will be gloriously seen

Written by Gail Boemker

February 24, 2011

Pursue !!

From my site toward the CARE CenterSomeone you know has moved to Livingston, Texas to pursue a new lifestyle. On August 14, 2013 I wrote “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  Perhaps it is too soon to make an accurate evaluation BUT life seems quite pleasant right now. The odor of extremely carcinogenic moth balls in the adjoining front and back yard forced me to tackle downsizing, packing and this move. I was so sick with headaches and nausea!! I was so-o-o-o sick and nobody seemed to care!!!! While “downsizing,” and depressed, and extremely tired, I prayed that I would find the CARE Center lived up to its name. Without exaggeration, these people “care”!!


All you can eat pancakes

Chalkboard Menu

Coffee cup

Serving counter


Lunch tray with lasagna

Cold drink

Menu chalk board

Frito pie

Nobody goes hungry around here!! This morning all-you-can-eat pancakes; lasagna, cooked vegetable , salad and dessert for lunch (I didn’t take dessert). Personally, I wish there were more veggies and salads but I’m told there’s a certain routine “they” must follow–so lots of meat. For supper: “Frito Pie” is on the menu. ~~ There are several salaried “cooks” that supervise and/or prepare the meals. “Volunteers” do much of the preparation, serving, clean-up and wash dishes. There are outdoor tasks for the husbands in the “husband and wife” volunteers (and most rigs arrive with a couple). Right now there is the unusual situation where eight single women are volunteering during October.Question mark

(Dear Reader: I’m having fun using rhyming words for the title of blogs. Did you notice?? What else rhymes with whew, phew, askew and menu??)