All you can eat pancakes

Chalkboard Menu

Coffee cup

Serving counter


Lunch tray with lasagna

Cold drink

Menu chalk board

Frito pie

Nobody goes hungry around here!! This morning all-you-can-eat pancakes; lasagna, cooked vegetable , salad and dessert for lunch (I didn’t take dessert). Personally, I wish there were more veggies and salads but I’m told there’s a certain routine “they” must follow–so lots of meat. For supper: “Frito Pie” is on the menu. ~~ There are several salaried “cooks” that supervise and/or prepare the meals. “Volunteers” do much of the preparation, serving, clean-up and wash dishes. There are outdoor tasks for the husbands in the “husband and wife” volunteers (and most rigs arrive with a couple). Right now there is the unusual situation where eight single women are volunteering during October.Question mark

(Dear Reader: I’m having fun using rhyming words for the title of blogs. Did you notice?? What else rhymes with whew, phew, askew and menu??)

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