Surprise, surprise !!

I don’t want this guy slithering up a pole to steal a Bluebird egg or a Bluebird baby.  I was surprised to find this serpent in my backyard.  It was under the base of a relocated Bluebird house.  I was “relocating” it again!!  Why??  Because I’m hoping a second Bluebird couple will adopt my backyard!!  (I’m a generous landlady!!)  I have multiples of everything: Cardinals, Crows, Doves, Finches, Hummingbirds, names unknown birds, Possums, Rabbits. Raccoons, Squirrels, and Woodpeckers.  Why not multiple Bluebirds??  (Interesting Bluebird information can be found by clicking this website.)  ~~~~  Field of Dreams: “If you build it [supply it] he [they] will come.”

NOT a good day !!

My mischievous little furry friends broke the several components that support the bird feeder. I was taking a shower when the incident happened. I surmise that “the flying leap” put a lot of extra weight on the feeder.

Not a good day because (after the shower) I broke my glasses–and I am totally dependent upon them. Fortunately I have a pair of computer reading glasses. ~~ I’m still in major pain but will “tough it out” and go to work as scheduled. ~~ Free items that were advertised, and spoken for, are still sitting on my front porch because the woman never came to pick them up yesterday.  ~~  I wish I’d stayed in bed this morning (LOL)!!

Should I repair, and hang, the bird feeder??


Postscript: Wed., May 30th, 8:00 PM: “Yes, I repaired… and rehung the feeder.”

Memorial Day holiday weekend

It’s 3 o’clock and I am drenched!!  On Saturday I had a “yard sale” at the T@B trailer, at the JAARS RV Park.  The prior week everything was free.  This week I advertised  “everything $15.”  I sold a few things but, obviously, “free” brings out more visitors.  It was 110 degrees in the sun (mid-morning)–according to my sophisticated thermometer.  It was 90 degrees inside the T@B as I went through cupboards and storage areas looking for things I don’t use.  (That’s my current passion: jettison things I’m not using!!)  The weather report, official high temperature, was 91 degrees.  When I left the T@B, I left the roof vent open.  

Moments ago I drove to the trailer to double-check because I wasn’t certain whether I closed the vent.  I got soaked between the apartment and the car, and between the car and trailer.  We are experiencing some weather from “Tropical Depression Beryl.”   (Downgraded from Tropical Storm Beryl.)  More rain will arrive tomorrow.

Saturday afternoon, Sunday “part-time,” and all day today, I have shifted things around for another yard sale next Saturday.  This one will be “everything $10.” and I’ll display a lot more items, plus the $15. items that didn’t sell.  Guess what: The following Saturday will be “everything $5.”  By that time, things that haven’t sold will be loaded into the car and hauled to a thrift shop!!  

Right now I’m resting.  I’ve moved too many heavy boxes and I have a pain where I shouldn’t have a pain.

On another subject: I was afraid I might have caused the Bluebirds to abandon their nest (after I opened it yesterday).  I didn’t see them for many hours (maybe 24 hours).  About 2 o’clock (I think) I saw both Bluebirds at the mealworm feeder.  Both briefly entered the bird house (one at a time).

The rain just stopped and I heard a familiar sound.  A squirrel had just landed on the green bird feeder.  I went out to “shoo” him off.  The pint of seed that I put on the feeder this morning is almost gone!!  And it wasn’t consumed by my feathered friends!

So my Memorial Day holiday weekend has been very dull compared to other families’ activities!!

Memorable day !!

I’ve been hesitant to check the Bluebird house for eggs. I watched the Bluebird couple for an extended period of time (this afternoon) and observed that they were usually perched on a limb at the edge of the woods. Occasionally, one at a time, they would come to the mealworm feeder. A couple of times the female would enter the bird house. ~~ I got out a pair of garden gloves so I could open the bird house door and not leave the scent of my fingers. I didn’t linger…, I took three pictures (and only this one is good). What a thrill to see four little blue eggs in the nest!! What a thrill; what a thrill!!

Laugh at me (or laugh with me). In my whole life, I’ve never had bird feeders, bird houses, and a wide variety of birds in the yard. More than half my life was spent living on the Mojave Desert. Over the months I’ve lived in this apartment, I’ve had dozens (hundreds?) of Cardinals, dozens of yellow Finches, a Woodpecker or two, Doves and Crows. Never a Bluebird until March 11th. I was very disappointed when my first couple did not take up residency. As recently as May 18th, another Bluebird couple was “house hunting.” Obviously they moved in and started a family. Oh joy!!

Better than morning television !!

Can you think of a better way to start the day?? I was enjoying green tea, homemade old-fashioned oatmeal, and a Bluebird feasting on mealworms. Yes, I supply rehydrated mealworms in the hanging blue dish and Bluebird Nuggets in the hanging, round metal ball.  ~~  However (during breakfast), I also had to shoo squirrels off the sunflower seeds feeders and dangling bird feeder.  ~~  Life in the slow lane!!

Slippery solution ?!

Thanks to a friend who faithfully reads my blogs, I may have a solution to my squirrel problem. (See my earlier blog titled What’s the Solution??)  Don’t misunderstand: I love having the squirrels in my yard; I have encouraged them with tempting treats.  BUT they are not welcome on bird feeders!!  My friend sent an e-mail with the link to a possible solution: 13 Amazing Uses for WD-40.  She said “Lorraine, look at #1….”  Within moments, I hiked from my apartment to the T@B trailer (in the RV Park) to retrieve my can of WD-40.  Back at the apartment, I immediately sprayed the top of the two baffles and the long hook.  I sprayed poles and Shepherd’s Hooks.  Now I’ll wait to see if the “slippery solution” works.

Postscript, 8:45 AM: I published the blog (above) at 7:00 AM and I’m adding this postscript less than two hours later. Spraying WD-40 on the pole did not stop the squirrel from climbing the pole of the Masterpiece.”

Postscript, 8:45 PM: When my dear, thoughtful, considerate friend read the above message, she did some more research. Less than an hour ago I read her e-mail message with a new web link.  She suggested a Slinky and, fortunately, I have several (because I buy toys all year for Operation Christmas Child).  ~~  It will take a lot of work to attach a Slinky to “the Masterpiece.”  I’ll have to disassemble it so a Slinky surrounds the pole.  That is a task for another day.  ~~  “If at first I don’t succeed, I’ll try, try again.”  I don’t want to be “out-foxed” by a squirrel!!

Postscript, 2:00 PM, Wed. May 23rd:  I have to confess that the Slinky did not prevent a squirrel from getting on the bird feeder!!  If it weren’t so serious (to me), the battle with the squirrels would be humorous.  (Right??)

Very determined little creatures !!

The battle continues; WD-40 and a Slinky did not keep the squirrels from the bird seed feeders.  Obviously, the “baffles” do not present an obstacle.  ~~  I prepared this at 7:00 PM, Thurs., May 24th.  I backdated this blog so it follows those with similar story-line.  “I’ll not be defeated!!  Eventually, I will find an answer.”

Slowly, very slowly….

Slowly, very slowly I’m making progress with my “downsizing” project.  This past week I advertised “free stuff”–over the weekend–at my trailer park site.  I encouraged others to bring their free stuff.  We were blessed with numerous recipients!!  ~~  Recently, I vowed I would not carry items back into the apartment–after the T@B rally.  Gratefully, three weeks later, the extra items have found a new home and/or been dropped off at a Thrift Shop.

Oh happy day !!

I was thrilled beyond description when I arrived home from work and saw a Bluebird in my yard. Only time will tell; it appears a Bluebird couple is considering the brand-new Bluebird house. (I mounted that bird house less than one week ago!! Have “they” been house-hunting and I didn’t know they were visiting my yard??)  I have been anxious for Bluebirds (and Hummingbirds) in my yard.  I’ve seen both… this past week.  Oh joy!!