Memorable day !!

I’ve been hesitant to check the Bluebird house for eggs. I watched the Bluebird couple for an extended period of time (this afternoon) and observed that they were usually perched on a limb at the edge of the woods. Occasionally, one at a time, they would come to the mealworm feeder. A couple of times the female would enter the bird house. ~~ I got out a pair of garden gloves so I could open the bird house door and not leave the scent of my fingers. I didn’t linger…, I took three pictures (and only this one is good). What a thrill to see four little blue eggs in the nest!! What a thrill; what a thrill!!

Laugh at me (or laugh with me). In my whole life, I’ve never had bird feeders, bird houses, and a wide variety of birds in the yard. More than half my life was spent living on the Mojave Desert. Over the months I’ve lived in this apartment, I’ve had dozens (hundreds?) of Cardinals, dozens of yellow Finches, a Woodpecker or two, Doves and Crows. Never a Bluebird until March 11th. I was very disappointed when my first couple did not take up residency. As recently as May 18th, another Bluebird couple was “house hunting.” Obviously they moved in and started a family. Oh joy!!

2 comments on “Memorable day !!

  1. Deb says:

    Omigosh! You’re going to be a grandma again! Don’t you wish you’d put a little spy camera in there so you can see the babies? “-) I hope the eggs make it ok!!

    • Hi Debbie,

      Maybe next year I’ll spend the money for a camera. Tiny cameras are available and we can follow the activity on our computer–I’ve seen them (cameras) at the local Wild Bird Center. BUT $170 so I opted NOT to purchase. But maybe this pair of Bluebirds will decide to make my backyard their home. There’s time for another nesting because the Bluebirds raise three families each year. Maybe next year I’ll get a camera IF I stay here. (I think my job will end after the first of the year and I may sense that it is time to move somewhere else.)

      Yes, I’m feeling a tiny bit better. Well, I’m *feeling better*. I think I didn’t chew some almonds enough and a little piece of food is caught in the colon. Diverticuli. Awful pain!! But I’m still functioning. I’m leaving soon for the chiropractor appointment, and Sam’s Club for veggies, and Sam’s Club will hopefully repair my glasses.

      The lady came for the items last night. I wrote an e-mail asking if she changed her mind. She wrote back to say her 9 month old baby is sick, and she had to work 12 hours straight. So she explained why she didn’t get here earlier.

      Have a nice day. THANKS for your message.

      Oh, something you might like to hear. I **think** my son, Stephen, checked my blog for the first time the other day. Someone from Camarillo, California, checked my blog. There wasn’t any comment left on any of the several messages that were visited.

      Love & hugs from Lorraine

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