Memorial Day holiday weekend

It’s 3 o’clock and I am drenched!!  On Saturday I had a “yard sale” at the T@B trailer, at the JAARS RV Park.  The prior week everything was free.  This week I advertised  “everything $15.”  I sold a few things but, obviously, “free” brings out more visitors.  It was 110 degrees in the sun (mid-morning)–according to my sophisticated thermometer.  It was 90 degrees inside the T@B as I went through cupboards and storage areas looking for things I don’t use.  (That’s my current passion: jettison things I’m not using!!)  The weather report, official high temperature, was 91 degrees.  When I left the T@B, I left the roof vent open.  

Moments ago I drove to the trailer to double-check because I wasn’t certain whether I closed the vent.  I got soaked between the apartment and the car, and between the car and trailer.  We are experiencing some weather from “Tropical Depression Beryl.”   (Downgraded from Tropical Storm Beryl.)  More rain will arrive tomorrow.

Saturday afternoon, Sunday “part-time,” and all day today, I have shifted things around for another yard sale next Saturday.  This one will be “everything $10.” and I’ll display a lot more items, plus the $15. items that didn’t sell.  Guess what: The following Saturday will be “everything $5.”  By that time, things that haven’t sold will be loaded into the car and hauled to a thrift shop!!  

Right now I’m resting.  I’ve moved too many heavy boxes and I have a pain where I shouldn’t have a pain.

On another subject: I was afraid I might have caused the Bluebirds to abandon their nest (after I opened it yesterday).  I didn’t see them for many hours (maybe 24 hours).  About 2 o’clock (I think) I saw both Bluebirds at the mealworm feeder.  Both briefly entered the bird house (one at a time).

The rain just stopped and I heard a familiar sound.  A squirrel had just landed on the green bird feeder.  I went out to “shoo” him off.  The pint of seed that I put on the feeder this morning is almost gone!!  And it wasn’t consumed by my feathered friends!

So my Memorial Day holiday weekend has been very dull compared to other families’ activities!!

One comment on “Memorial Day holiday weekend

  1. Milagros says:

    If you have any new/like new items that could be for children, please remember Operation Christmas Child 🙂 Love you, my friend!

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