I’m starting early!! Yesterday, I did two loads of laundry, folded clothes, and rearranged clothing in the drawers and closet. I have far too many garments (for my reclusive lifestyle); I’ll prepare a bag of clothes for a local thrift shop. Less time “climbing the family tree.”  So many projects demand my attention, and I am hoping and praying, I get things done.

Climbed a different “grove” of trees

It’s an obsession with me. If someone contacts me, I feel compelled to document their connection(s) to individuals already documented in my tree. This “contact” is “not quite a cousin” but we are bonded by our devotion to the documentation of our progenitors.


Postscript @ 4:15 PM: “Just a janitor.”

Cleaning up messes.
(Documenting conflicting information.)

Another postscript @ 5:45 PM: “Obcessive-compulsive.”


Rescue me? I can’t “let go”  and I can’t get away from the computer.


Third postscript @ 9:00 PM: “Cousin”  sent two more obituaries. They must wait until tomorrow because I haven’t a teaspoon of energy for more documentation. I think I’ll head to bed (early) because that’s (possibly) the warmest place in my home (with an electric mattress pad).