To do or not to do ?!

I just discovered this wonderful device called ORCAM. My vision has deteriorated rapidly. The ORCAM video and advertisement are fascinating. I didn’t provide the lengthy information they required so I never got to the place where I saw the price tag. Undoubtedly very expensive. ~~~~~ Has the reader had any experience with this product? Suggestions solicited.

Worth repeating: “Abundantly Blessed”

This email message greeted me early yesterday morning. (Click to enlarge for better viewing.) Naturally (before my first sip of coffee), I went to my Ancestry database to identify this “cousin.” OMG, I don’t have the father, grandfather, and great-grandfather in my “tree.” One-thousand-seven-hundred-fifty-eight (1,758) individuals with the surname “Frantz” and this branch of the tree is missing!! Obviously, I had to remedy that error. I see this as a several days project because numerous descendants of Samuel. ~~ I’m abundantly blessed because I have a “forest” of families and “cousins” visit me (via email) and shower me with additional family information.


The best and most beautiful things in the world

cannot be seen or even touched – they

must be felt with the heart.– Helen Keller