Escalating numbers ?!

Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve added so many individuals to my Ancestry database. “Time flies when we’re having fun.”  I’m blessed with a forest of family and I’m eager to document them before my clock stops ticking.

Escalating numbers #2

The two computers pull me to their keyboard–like a strong magnet. One hundred more individuals added to my database in less than twenty-four hours. Almost the entire day devoted to one man and his extended family. 

Clone myself ?!

So-o-o-o-o many things to do and I haven’t enough hands!! My “peers,” my “cousins” are rapidly passing to their Heavenly reward. Every week I receive obituaries (via email from a “cousin”). I can’t keep up with documentation. I’m the “self-appointed” historian focused on accurate, thorough “sources.” I cringe every time I compare my information with that of other Ancestry Member Family Trees. “They” copy one another’s errors!! (Why don’t they use the “search” feature?) Before I go to my Heavenly reward, I want to accurately knit the Old German Baptist Brethren families into a beautiful tapestry. My eyesight is waning; lack of sleep leaves me tired. So-o-o-o-o many things to do and I haven’t enough hands!!

Friday the thirteenth !!

“No, I’m not superstitious but it brings back bad memories.”

Twenty-three months ago (Friday, Oct 13, 2017), the Escapees CARE Center served a meal that was horrible!! Without exception, all the residents complained; one lady put her tray on the Facility Director’s desk with the note “Unfit for human consumption.”  The unsatisfactory meal prompted me to collect names on a sheet of paper registering our dissatisfaction. The results of my action are documented (at length) on the website I titled Escapees Don’t CARE Center.

Escapees Don’t CARE Center

Praise report !!

Thanks to Advil PM: Solid eight-plus hours of sleep!! My eyes were open at 6:50 but I wasn’t functioning until the first sip of coffee at 8:15. I traded the bed for my recliner and “listened” to the Today Show. My “Morning Boost” is gourmet coffee and blog preparation!!

Out & in stuff (yesterday)

Forty-two days since I did grocery shopping. My cupboards were bare!!!! First: Donations were emptied from the rear of KIA–at two local thrift shops. Second: Empty nursery garden plastic containers recycled at Lowe’s. Third: Plastic bags recycled in a specified container at the market. Home again, after groceries were put away, I continued “downsizing” by moving scrap metal to a neighbor’s yard. (She takes to “salvage.”) “Inch by inch it’s a cinch.”