Goodbye September

Did you watch the debate? I did… and the follow-up analysis

P.S.  I “published” this message earlybefore watching the news on the major TV networks. I’ve decided I must need hearing aids. I “heard” an entirely different debate. A contentious debate “yes” but I didn’t “hear” the words the left-leaning commentators say they heard.

Visitors welcome !!

Porch beautiful?!

Sad to say, I’ve been here for nine months and onlyat this late date-have a “presentable approach” to my front door.

Yes, I am bleaching the plastic steps. A second application necessary and a different scrub brush to get to the back corner. OMG, my eyes are burning from the bleach fumes in the air. Below are a couple of “before” pictures. Surprisingly (to me), I couldn’t find a picture of the extremely unsightly clutter.



“Visitors welcome”  to my front porchwith social distancing!! Sorry, no “over-nighters.”

What’s today ?

I lose track of the days of the week. OK, it’s Wednesday (twenty hours after the Presidential candidate’s debate). I’m here to confess this is the fifth day without time on That’s quite an accomplishment for this individual who loves to climb trees (family trees)!! The obituaries are piling up; will I ever “catch up”?


Did you watch the Prayer March 2020?? If not, here is a link and you can watch the event. Did you see a reference to the Prayer March 2020 on your TV news channel?? I watched the event “live” and did not see it on the evening news and Sunday news programming. All I hear on the major TV stations is “Trump-bashing” and Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett ridicule. PLEASE watch FOX news for an accurate description of events. Personally, I watch TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) and FOX, and I’m voting for Donald Trump.


Yes, I am awake at threeand fourin the morning. I’m concerned about the future of our Nation.  Furthermore, I worry about the future for my children and grandchildreand great-grandchildren. (Thinking of you “P.A.W.”)

Feeling “almost” normal

A couple of days ago, I commented that I want to return to a normal life. Driving the KIA for the first time since March first was a first step.” Only sixty-three miles driven in 2020. Leisure shopping in a huge market was a giant step.” I was in the market shortly after seven AM and there were relatively few customers.  Have I been overly cautious? The whopping total for groceries is just that: GROCERIES, no meat, no soda, no Booz.

Another “boring” message

Yesterday, I bought a BIG bag of my favorite coffee. When I opened… I discovered my error. Gratefully, I have the previously unopened jar of instant coffee. ~~ After four AM, I went back to bed and slept until nine. ~~ After my “wake up” coffee, I’ll take a few spins on the “three-wheeler” to (hopefully) energize me for the day. “Slow lane, Lorraine.”


Inspired to do some “yardening” !!

The weather is so delightful!! After a spin on the “three-wheeler,” I was inspired to do some “yardening.”



The unique bottles had corks but rainwater seeped in. They were not “under cover”; they were neglected. Regrettably, in the transfer, I broke one bottle. Apology: I couldn’t find information (on the Web) about the bottles. Years ago, I had info but I could not find it with a search of my blog messages.