Slippery solution ?!

Thanks to a friend who faithfully reads my blogs, I may have a solution to my squirrel problem. (See my earlier blog titled What’s the Solution??)  Don’t misunderstand: I love having the squirrels in my yard; I have encouraged them with tempting treats.  BUT they are not welcome on bird feeders!!  My friend sent an e-mail with the link to a possible solution: 13 Amazing Uses for WD-40.  She said “Lorraine, look at #1….”  Within moments, I hiked from my apartment to the T@B trailer (in the RV Park) to retrieve my can of WD-40.  Back at the apartment, I immediately sprayed the top of the two baffles and the long hook.  I sprayed poles and Shepherd’s Hooks.  Now I’ll wait to see if the “slippery solution” works.

Postscript, 8:45 AM: I published the blog (above) at 7:00 AM and I’m adding this postscript less than two hours later. Spraying WD-40 on the pole did not stop the squirrel from climbing the pole of the Masterpiece.”

Postscript, 8:45 PM: When my dear, thoughtful, considerate friend read the above message, she did some more research. Less than an hour ago I read her e-mail message with a new web link.  She suggested a Slinky and, fortunately, I have several (because I buy toys all year for Operation Christmas Child).  ~~  It will take a lot of work to attach a Slinky to “the Masterpiece.”  I’ll have to disassemble it so a Slinky surrounds the pole.  That is a task for another day.  ~~  “If at first I don’t succeed, I’ll try, try again.”  I don’t want to be “out-foxed” by a squirrel!!

Postscript, 2:00 PM, Wed. May 23rd:  I have to confess that the Slinky did not prevent a squirrel from getting on the bird feeder!!  If it weren’t so serious (to me), the battle with the squirrels would be humorous.  (Right??)

One comment on “Slippery solution ?!

  1. Deb says:

    LOL….maybe more? You’d think think if nothing else, the smell would turn them off…and they must get it on their paws….

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