Busy, busy, busy !!!

FizzleI’m a “fizzle”; too pooped to pop!!  (Can’t develop a newsy blog with lots of pictures!!) I was in the kitchen at 6:30 this morning and on-the-run until one this afternoon. Today we served a BIG breakfast to residents of CARE–and residents in the Escapee RV Resort. As a fund-raiser (every Friday): Sausage, bacon, eggs (any way you want them), hash browns, grits, biscuits & gravy, coffee, juice, etc., for $4. We served over fifty people. Then wash dishes, lunch preparations (fried fish, black-eye peas, squash, cornbread, banana bread, peaches), serving…, clean up, etc.

The picture is an exaggeration but a fair representation of me wearing a bandanna (because hair net or ball cap is required) and an apron. Rubber gloves are a “must.” ~~ I usually wear a long skirt; residents often refer to me as “the lady in the dress.”

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