A day off !!

A day off but I have been exceptionally busy “doing” things in and around the T@B.  To illustrate my activities, I took a lot of pictures.  ~~ However, before 2 o’clock, I had to abandon the cleaning projects and head for the CARE Center because my little trailer was an oven.  Frankly, it was extremely hot sitting in my chair taking “a break.” No, I didn’t sit there and bake in 104 degree temperature!! I didn’t drink my coffee nor finish my apple before I had a visitor. She and I moved under the shade tree and had a delightful conversation. 

Removing grime from the window

This one is OK

Filling the fresh water tank

Filling the fresh water tank

Break time

Extremely hot outside

Window is sparkling clean

Too hot!! Time to go into the CARE Center

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