More information than you want ?!

Smiley face winking

Package with bog peat moss.

Bog peat moss.

Adding a small amount of water, and mixing thoroughly.

Ready, set, clean

Dirty work is done

Stir gently...

The crank works fine

Dirty work is done

Toilet tissue containers

Toilet tissue containers

Ready for the trash bin

Bye, bye

Nature's Head

Covered with a towel


Eight days ago I bought sphagnum peat moss for Nature’s Head. Later I learned that bog peat moss is preferred. This being my day off, I could take time to change….  The salesman graciously sent enough bog peat moss for two applications (sparing me the angst of where to store an entire bale).

2 comments on “More information than you want ?!

  1. Deb says:

    And that will give you time to figure out how to get bog peat moss locally.

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