Silver Linings !! Bright Horizons !!

North Carolina

Texas lone star state

Before I left North Carolina, a lady-friend gave me two small books. I want to share one thought from Silver Linings, Uplifting Thoughts.

There are places I have been

where memories abound,

of folks I met along the way

and happiness I found.

Now I set my sights upon

new visions to fulfill,

and know that what I find there

will be even grander still.

United states with state names on each


One more: Silver Linings, Life’s Journey

Past memories,
present experiences,
future dreams—
all are but different spokes
upon the wheel of life.
Each turn of the wheel
reminds us of where we came from,
of who we are today,
and of what we hope to become.

3 comments on “Silver Linings !! Bright Horizons !!

  1. Wayne and Deborah Martin says:


    You are in a great place. We often talked about this RV park in Texas with you. We will keep you in our prayers and on our list when we get back on the road. We are really proud of all you have accomplished. This was a big step. And the downsizing was major. Blessings

    Wayne and Deborah

  2. Barb castner says:

    Good Morning, I appreciated those thots you left. I will try and copy and keep them. Sounds like you are doing well, but tired. Take it easy! Things are good here. I just made a sweet potatoe dessert, used my Pumpkin Pie Cake Recipe. Just baked it can’t wait to take it. Today is Senior lunch at church. Take care and be safe, Hugs, BC

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