Phew !!

I took a very long walk because a very beautiful afternoon. I saw an interesting variety of things that are uniquely important to me.

I saw another T@B trailer. It has a bathroom with (in my humble opinion) a major problem. “Phew” (definition 2). I saw a Scamp or Casita–and a Class B mini-motorhome. So I’m not the only small unit in the Resort. (Note: I doubt there will be an odor with my composting toilet but “just in case” I have a vanilla candle in a small crock pot.) ~~ There are places (on the Resort) with dense neglected vegetation. I saw unknown berries and flowers. ~~ I thought you’d appreciate that we have a nice pool. ~~ Back at CARE, I enjoyed a Bluegrass group entertaining the residents. I’m told they are here every week. One volunteer was “dancing” (in place) with one of the residents.

Bad odor

Little Guy T@B

Little Guy T@B

Little Guy T@B

Vanilla candle in crock pot

Scamp or Casita

Class B mini-motorhome

Lots of vegetation

Lots of vegetation

Pretty unknown berries

Pretty unknown flowers

Unknown flowers

We have a nice pool

Bluegrass music

Sam dancing with Frances

Livingston Bluegrass

Whew !!

WhewMy first full day as a volunteer in the Escapee’s CARE Center kitchen. Boy am I tired!! Just a comment; I’m not complaining. There was food preparation, serving, wash dishes, put away dishes, etc. Tomorrow there will be a different set of tasks. There are usually five (to seven) “teams” (of two) and their activities change each day.

You agree that I take a lot of pictures?? Well today I casually threw my faithful old porta-potty in the trash. I didn’t think to photograph its departure. Several weeks ago I took pictures of planters, and blooming plants, leaving my yard for a new home. “Old faithful” had been with me since 2008(?), we traveled over 10,000 miles, but I callously discarded it.

Excuse me, I think I’ll go to bed early.

For your amusement !!

Today is the “Marketplace” at the October Fun Fest. Lots of vendors!! I fell in love with a toilet. Seriously!! Smile!!

Big smiley face (2)

The salesman, the toilet, and LorraineIt is called Nature’s Head and I returned to my computer to do further research regarding this new love. ~~ I’m capable of dumping my old-fashioned porta-potty but this toilet will limit the number of times I need to approach the disagreeable task. If I’m going to “live” in my tiny trailer for an extended period of time, this would be wonderful!!

Two-thirty PM and that very awesome item is in a conspicuous corner of the T@B (discretely covered with an orange-color towel). For years I have given tours of “that cute little trailer.” Now I’ll be giving a tour of “that new style camping toilet.”


Peat moss

Dampening the peat moss

Before the peat moss

Peat moss in place

Fits perfectFour-thirty PM and my fancy toilet is ready for use. I made a fifteen mile round trip to Lowe’s for peat moss. (Gratefully, I didn’t have to buy a bale!!) That was my first trip away from the Resort and–having a one-track-mind–made no other purchases during the trip. Back “home” I mixed the peat moss with a small amount of water (in the orange pail). Look how perfectly my purchase fits between the bench (left) and cupboards (right). I have it covered with a bright orange-color towel.


For comparison: Read about the porta-potty I used for many years.

Never a dull moment !!

New acquaintances were insisting that I must buy a ticket for “the best BBQ in all of Texas.” How do I tell new acquaintances that I don’t eat meat?? I bought the ticket and enjoyed every morsel of the savory ribs!! Over 200 folks gathered to socialize, eat, dance or just enjoy the music. (One of the activities for October Fun Fest.) Our entertainer was singing On My Father’s Side” when I snapped that picture. ~~ I slipped away about 7 o’clock because I was afraid someone might ask me to dance. I’d have to say “I don’t know how.” 

Ticket for BarBQ dinner

Crowd of 200 for dinner

Crowd of 200 for dinner

Great dance couple

Singing "On My Father's Side"

Expect the unexpected !!

“Don’t get too comfortable over there” was the comment from another volunteer. I was moved (temporarily) from one site to another. In a few days I’ll be moving back to “volunteer row.” I’m on one of the sites for a CARE resident.

New site

From my site toward the CARE Center

Just across the street from CARE Center




***If*** I wanted to take advantage of the “Residential Program,” I could have that site for less than $900. per month. Their information brochure says:

  • Free up your time to pursue fun activities.
  • Sleep in your own bed!! Use your own bathroom.
  • RV site with storage building.
  • Site maintenance.
  • Three (3) sumptuous meals seven (7) days a week.
  • Two (2) loads of laundry done and folded weekly.
  • Inside of your coach cleaned every other week.
  • Transportation to local medical services.
  • Weekly supervised shopping trips.
  • Propane and holding tank help. Awning help.
  • A full calendar of activities: Bingo, dominos, board games, crafting, and more.
  • Monthly outings and parties.

Can you see me enjoying “a life of leisure”??  I hope and pray I have many, many years of “doing” and serving!! 

Happy Monday !!

The set of cookware I bought at the garage sale. How could I resist?? Only $4.00. (Heavy-duty stainless steel, made in America!!) ~~ Cloudy but no rain (yet). I have my umbrella!! ~~ Ten-thirty and I’m heading off to October Fun Fest.

Smiley face

Set of cookware

Nested cookware set

Monday morning

Time & temperature

Lorraine’s a winner !!

Door prizeThe Rainbow’s End Escapee October Fun Fest kicked off at 6:30 this evening. After ice cream, and socializing, and announcements, they drew for door prizes. The first item was an expensive RV TV antenna. No such luck; I didn’t win that. However, my name was the second one drawn and I “won” a wood scare-crow craft item. I do not have a place to hang it and have already decided it will be a hostess gift the next time I’m invited to dinner.  ~~ Surprise, surprise!! I found a couple I knew in Lancaster, California. We were in the same SKP Chapter and camped together frequently. Less than two years ago our paths crossed again at a SKP Rally in Marion, North Carolina. Small world?!  ~~ Eight PM and I think it’s time to head for the trailer.  ~~ Good night; sweet dreams!!

Housekeeping !!

No pictures to document my activities this morning. So-o-o-o-o much “housekeeping” because things had been hastily piled into the KIA and T@B prior to my trip. Very busy since I arrived…. I slowly processed through cupboards to discover things stored away months (or years) ago. I arranged and rearranged!! Storage containers with my wardrobe came into the trailer. “Don’t need these” items went into the back of the car. The cute little decorations were (are) strategically positioned. (I have an adorable small orange fry pan and equally adorable matching small orange pan dangling from hooks in the kitchen. They were purchased in Quebec, Canada, in 2010, and will never be used. A bright orange cullender accompanies the two utensils. ~~ The housekeeping wasn’t finished until I dumped the porta-potty.  ~~ Finally, I was able to gather fresh clothes, towel, & toiletries and head for the shower. (See that awesome shower in pictures published on yesterday’s blog.) Now I’m approaching the neglected computer and preparation of blog messages.  ~~ FYI: I have free WiFi in the dining room (and probably in the living room). I have all the “creature comforts” I need in my tiny trailer. I have many new acquaintances that I suspect will be new friends.

It rained HARD most of the night and I was afraid the weather would curtail the housekeeping project. It was cloudy this morning , cool and threatening rain (and is still cloudy at 3:00 PM). If we have another hot spell, I have a small fan available to circulate the air in the trailer. (I found the fan this morning as I explored cupboards and cabinets.)

Decorator towel

Ty bear, watering pot, artificiial flowers

Orange kitchen decorations

Cute kitchen decorations

Cute Teardrop with kitchen decorations

Teardrop bank


Small fan





Four-forty-five PM: Some old sage said “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So I ran out to the trailer and took some pictures!! Well, actually, I walked and it is 149 casual steps from exit at corner of the building (136 steps if a long stride). Maybe 50 steps from my computer (in the dining room) to exit.

Rainy Saturday

It’s 5:30 and it’s important (to me) to bring you up-to-date. I’ve been exceedingly busy volunteering for the “garage sale.” We wrapped up the event, and boxed the leftovers about 2:00. Well (honestly) it appears I got back to my tiny teardrop trailer just before two. Look, it was ninety-two degrees inside…!! We’ve had rain several times today and right now the lights flickered due to thunder and lightning. Guess I better turn off the computer and head back to the trailer. (Free WiFi in the dining room [but no UPs system].) ~~ Eventually, I’ll document details of the trip from North Carolina. ~~ I took more pictures later and uploaded on Sunday, Oct. 13th.

Ninety-two degrees

After the tables came down

After the garage sale

Raining hard

The living room & evening news

The living room

The living room.

Set up for vespers Sunday afternoon

Large stalls

Lovely Ladies Room

For hair cuts?

Bathroom features

Shampoo basin