Whew !!

WhewMy first full day as a volunteer in the Escapee’s CARE Center kitchen. Boy am I tired!! Just a comment; I’m not complaining. There was food preparation, serving, wash dishes, put away dishes, etc. Tomorrow there will be a different set of tasks. There are usually five (to seven) “teams” (of two) and their activities change each day.

You agree that I take a lot of pictures?? Well today I casually threw my faithful old porta-potty in the trash. I didn’t think to photograph its departure. Several weeks ago I took pictures of planters, and blooming plants, leaving my yard for a new home. “Old faithful” had been with me since 2008(?), we traveled over 10,000 miles, but I callously discarded it.

Excuse me, I think I’ll go to bed early.

One comment on “Whew !!

  1. barb c says:

    Hey, looks like you are keeping very busy and having fun. I am amazed at how quickly you have recovered from the moving, changing time zones and etc. You are amazing. Have a great day, Hugs, BC

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