For your amusement !!

Today is the “Marketplace” at the October Fun Fest. Lots of vendors!! I fell in love with a toilet. Seriously!! Smile!!

Big smiley face (2)

The salesman, the toilet, and LorraineIt is called Nature’s Head and I returned to my computer to do further research regarding this new love. ~~ I’m capable of dumping my old-fashioned porta-potty but this toilet will limit the number of times I need to approach the disagreeable task. If I’m going to “live” in my tiny trailer for an extended period of time, this would be wonderful!!

Two-thirty PM and that very awesome item is in a conspicuous corner of the T@B (discretely covered with an orange-color towel). For years I have given tours of “that cute little trailer.” Now I’ll be giving a tour of “that new style camping toilet.”


Peat moss

Dampening the peat moss

Before the peat moss

Peat moss in place

Fits perfectFour-thirty PM and my fancy toilet is ready for use. I made a fifteen mile round trip to Lowe’s for peat moss. (Gratefully, I didn’t have to buy a bale!!) That was my first trip away from the Resort and–having a one-track-mind–made no other purchases during the trip. Back “home” I mixed the peat moss with a small amount of water (in the orange pail). Look how perfectly my purchase fits between the bench (left) and cupboards (right). I have it covered with a bright orange-color towel.


For comparison: Read about the porta-potty I used for many years.

2 comments on “For your amusement !!

  1. Deb says:

    I see a lot of good comments; a lot of people seem to really like it, and compared to others, the price isn’t so bad.

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