Never a dull moment !!

New acquaintances were insisting that I must buy a ticket for “the best BBQ in all of Texas.” How do I tell new acquaintances that I don’t eat meat?? I bought the ticket and enjoyed every morsel of the savory ribs!! Over 200 folks gathered to socialize, eat, dance or just enjoy the music. (One of the activities for October Fun Fest.) Our entertainer was singing On My Father’s Side” when I snapped that picture. ~~ I slipped away about 7 o’clock because I was afraid someone might ask me to dance. I’d have to say “I don’t know how.” 

Ticket for BarBQ dinner

Crowd of 200 for dinner

Crowd of 200 for dinner

Great dance couple

Singing "On My Father's Side"

One comment on “Never a dull moment !!

  1. J says:

    Don’t be afraid, admitting you can’t dance is not a bad thing and it’s never too late to learn; dancing is a great activity, and dancers love to teach others to dance so they can join the fun. Go for it next time! Glad to see you’re in Texas, safe and sound.

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