Watched another VHS…

Thornbirds…recorded in 1996. Last night, by 6:00 PM, I was ready to “sit a spell.” I pulled out another old VHS-tape and discovered (to my surprise) The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years. I probably watched it while recording it but have no recollection of “the missing years.” Four hours later (two-part mini-series), I went to bed. ~~ I got up at 8:00 but (honestly) I’m still tired. The CARE garage sale wore me out!! ~~ This is a  “major event” day in the adjacent Escapees Rainbow’s End RV Park. There will be dozens of vendors in the Activity Center. Read my blog from one year ago–and have a big laugh!!

Postscript, Tuesday, October 21, 2014: I have watched all my old VHS-tapes and they have been, or will be, donated to thrift shops. Part of my “downsizing” project. (Little by little–but a long way to go!!)

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