‘Round the clock !!

Clock seven o'clock (best)This old grandma went to bed at 7:35 PM and got up at 7:00 AM. It was a long busy week as many of us prepared for, and then “manned,” the semi-annual CARE garage sale.  Since our last event, in April, we received a massive amount of donations. It took three days to “set up” and price followed by three days “open for business.” Most nights, during the week, I went to bed about 8:30. Last night, even earlier.

Before I elaborate on my week, I want to comment on my opening words “this old grandma.” I received a phone call from a grandson on Friday. If my memory serves me correctly, I saw him briefly in July 2003, and one quick phone call a year or two ago. This conversation was long and full of information about the extended family. ~~ Oh joy!!

About the CARE garage sale: no pictures (can you believe I didn’t take pictures?). But you can get an idea from pictures taken a year ago. My energy was spent arranging (and rearranging) blankets, sheets, towels, curtains, etc. We started with items piled (on tables) higher than my head!! By mid-morning Saturday, I had a limited amount of things on one table (two tables had been folded up and carried away). Who could resist one dollar bath towels, one dollar sheets and/or two dollar blankets?? On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I coordinated–and packaged–matching sets. I did such a good job (LOL), the bedding department will be my regular assignment!!

Western wear (2)Western wear (1)Confession: I spent over $60.00 and that means I bought an awful lot of things!! Books were ten cents (will I ever read them?); clothes for fifty cents and one dollar. I now have more-than-enough “new” (used) clothing for my “cruise wardrobe.” Furthermore, I bought “western” clothes to take to our square dance club. I’ll offer them “free” but suggest the buyer give a donation to the square dance club.

I bought items to donate to the “silent auction” at our next CARE Health Fair (March 2015). From the bedding department, for the price of a blanket ($2.00), this beautiful new queen size summer/winter comforter. Likewise, a down sleeping bag for two dollars.

I failed to document all the details in an earlier blog; I went to Huntsville to sell linen, and lace, table clothes I’ve owned for over fifty years. Several belonged to my grandmothers. But I have no place to use them and my children and grandchildren have no interest in my memorabilia. This week I excluded (from the sale) linen table clothes, napkins, doilies, embroidered scarves, etc., and will take them to the specialty shop in Huntsville. Whatever I receive… will be better than the bargain prices at our garage sale!! The money will be added to the proceeds from our garage sale.

Today, I face the task of putting things away. An early project: Hand laundry of pretty clothing. The yard beckons; much to be done (after a week of neglect). I’ll have to force myself to do indoor projects first!!

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