Will begin to bring you up-to-date

Greetings from the CARE Center located at Rainbow’s End Escapee’s RV Resort in Livingston, Texas. I’ll bring you up-to-date in increments–as I have time. I was able to use WiFi for the first time at 5:00 tonight, Thursday, October 10th. It has taken almost three hours to upload pictures from my camera to the computer and from the computer (Picasa) to this blog. At this time, I can’t provide all the information regarding the trip. It was an almost uneventful trip (more about that later). I arrived safely about noon on Tuesday, October 8th. I’m three weeks ahead of my scheduled volunteer assignment but they quickly put me to work pricing merchandise for their garage sale. All day Wednesday pricing, all day Thursday (today) working “the sales floor” while a parade of customers shopped. We have two more days and unquestionably it is a success!!

Advertising garage sale

Day Care sign

Thank you for CAREing sign

Escapees CARE Center

Garage sale

Back of CARE Center

CARE Center garage sale

CARE Center garage sale

CARE Center garage sale.

CARE Center garage sale

Resident's RVs

Before I moved to the site.

Moving from....

Time and temperature

On Volunteer Row

Time and temperature

In... but did not unhitch
















OK, OK, I need to synchronize my camera with my clock!! Gotcha. ~~ I’m parked on Volunteer Row after two nights in the campground. I’m heading for the trailer–and bed–in a few minutes because it has been a long day, and likewise another long day tomorrow. ~~ THANKS everyone for your prayers and your concern for my well being.


My home

Time and temperature

3 comments on “Will begin to bring you up-to-date

  1. Deb says:

    The trailer’s not in the shade, but at least you’ve got some you can get to. Looks like an awesome rummage sale!! Looks like a nice place!

  2. Gail Boemker says:

    Hi Lorraine – As always, so good to hear from you. It sounds like you hit the deck running without much time to rest. Take care of yourself. I shared your blog with Barbara and Evelyn. They, too, were glad to hear that you arrived safely. We are all praying for you.


    Gail Boemker

  3. […] sale: no pictures (can you believe I didn’t take pictures?). But you can get an idea from pictures taken a year ago. My energy was spent arranging (and rearranging) blankets, sheets, towels, curtains, etc. We […]

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