“No rest for the wicked…”

An old quote my mother too often repeated.  As if I don’t have enough projects to keep me busy (and bone weary), I just received a phone call (1:00 PM) advising me that a smaller storage unit is available. So I need to tackle that project before the month is over. I won’t be able to “downsize” everything in my present mini-storage unit for many months but I can save a few dollars by shifting things to a smaller unit. 

Counting my blessings!! The weather has finally cooled enough so working in a metal storage unit will be tolerable. Counting my blessings because I can save a few dollars. (Save a few dollars for additional expenses on the cruise?!)

Today–in an effort to limit strenuous work (neck pain and aching shoulders)–I started packing my suitcase for a camp out later this month. The local Escapees chapter will be camping in Spring, Texas, October 27th through October 31st. I’ve wanted to join the group (for a year) but have been “too busy.” I won’t be taking my precious T@B teardrop trailer. Several single ladies–without an RV–prevailed on me to join them in a cabin at the campgrounds. Divided four ways: “Less expensive than a campsite” –so that’s the plan.

Life is goodTwins stick figuresI need to be cloned so I can get everything done that needs to be done!! Leaves need to be raked; weeds need to be pulled!! Windows need washing inside and out; the inside of my 5th-wheel trailer needs reorganization!! ~~ I’m not complaining; life is good!!

~ ~ ~ ~

IMG_1673Postscript, Wednesday, October 22, 2014: Change of plans!! Recently, I bought raffle tickets to support our local SPCA. I won this manmade-in-the-USA picnic table and a friend was kind enough to transport it from site to site. Until next March, it will be stored in my large mini-storage unit. There went my plans to transfer things into a smaller unit!! Oh well, it’s only money!! I’ll adjust my budget. ~~ Can you see that monster in my already overcrowded yard?? “No way!!”

Picnic table at SPCA

It's very heavy

Picnic table on trailer

Picnic table in storage

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