Awesome technology !!

This blogger has followed a holistic lifestyle for over thirty years. I have been opposed to surgery, and prescription drugs, flu shots, etc. Watch this video and marvel at the possibilities for the future–**if** BIG business hospitals and “big pharma” (pharmaceuticals) don’t interfere.

On a sad note: I’ve lost two neighbors this week to disease. A lady to liver cancer and a man to heart attack. Unfortunately, that’s what I will experience in the months (and years?) to follow living in a residential care community. That’s what I will experience because I am “three quarters and counting” (almost eighty years old). An acquaintance recently said “old age sucks” and I agree wholeheartedly!! My complaint today: Pain in my neck and shoulders from too much work last week (at the CARE garage sale). My mind says I want to do projects as though I am forty years old, my body reminds me that’s not possible. But–because I’ve followed a holistic lifestyle–I’m in much better health than many of my neighbors (praise God). Counting my blessings!!

Count you blessings

Green Side of the Grass

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