More Fun and Fancy !!

Beautiful blouse

Slacks (1)

Slacks (2)


Gray skirt, pink blouseSeveral more purchases yesterday. I visited a thrift shop looking for things for the “cruise” wardrobe (on a budget). I love the beautiful long-sleeve blouse with sparkling beads sewn to the collar (paired with a nice black pleated skirt [in my wardrobe for years] ). The pants have a unique pattern so better (IMHO) than jeans. I’ve had the kaftan for years; is it appropriate for evening wear?? (Postscript: Searched the Internet for an answer and apparently just “lounge wear.”) The gray pleated skirt was an earlier purchase. The pink blouse was on sale–at Walmart–yesterday. Also bought a pair of like-new Keds white loafers at the thrift shop (sturdy soles on ship-board).

Postscript, Sunday, October 12, 2014: It was a major undertaking to search my wardrobe for plain white, tan or black T-shirts, sweaters, or blouses to wear with the patterned pants!! “Major”… but accomplished!! Slowly, I’m organizing clothes for the cruise (starting the day after Thanksgiving). I still have garments that have not been unpacked so will challenge that project soon. Use it or donate it!!

Denim shirt-jacket

White shirt and western vest

Vest with square dance badges (front)

Vest with square dance badges (back)Denim shirt (lightweight jacket) from the thrift shop. The purchase of western vest and white shirt dates back a few weeks. I’m always looking for outfits for square dancing. Apparel from a “Western” shop is so-o-o-o expensive!!

Hanging shelf

Air popcorn popper

Bugs in the popcornTwo more “impulse” purchases at Walmart yesterday. I really need extra shelf space. Soon I’ll unpack sweaters for Fall and Winter. ~~ I donated my hot air popcorn popper in North Carolina. I really enjoy air popped corn as a snack. I planned to make some today and found the unopened package has bugs in it. Now the corn will go to the squirrels. (Lucky squirrels!!)

Nine with flowers

Zero with green leaves

Nine with autumn leavesThis is blog number nine hundred nine. As previously stated “I like round numbers.”

One comment on “More Fun and Fancy !!

  1. Deb says:

    The cat that ate the canary will be very well dressed on her cruise!

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