Peculiar activity ??

Today I planned to thoroughly vacuum the trailer. Really!! Well, the head kept coming off the end of the wand. I got out my drill, and drilled a hole and inserted a bolt. While my tools were out, I approached a project on my “to do” list. I’ve mentioned preparing a sheltered area for my perennial plants. I’ve known the tarp will collect rain and sag if not supported in the middle. In North Carolina, the satellite dish served as a baffle over bird feeders to discourage squirrels. It will be an excellent support under a tarp (IMHO). I had everything I needed for the project (except a cool afternoon). First I drilled a hole in the end of a wood dowel, then attached the satellite dish with a heavy screw. Then dowel was slipped into a heavy piece of PVC-pipe. I have extra pieces of PVC and parts to link them. At present the assembled parts are a bit too tall but I will shorten when I drape a tarp. Actually, I could have sawed the PVC today but I was hot and sweaty, and ready to go into the air-conditioned trailer. That eighty-seven degrees is a very humid eighty-seven degrees!! ~~ The very heavy umbrella base (for patio table) will be a solid base. That, too, came from North Carolina. Little-by-little, stored items are finding a niche in my yard.

Drill and tools

Satellite dish on wood dowel

Dowel inside PVC-pipe

Let's make it a little taller

– –

The components

Satellite dish tarp support

Time, temperature and tools

2 comments on “Peculiar activity ??

  1. […] A month ago we were still suffering from heat and humidity!! Very soon, I need to complete the shelter for my perennial plants because freezing temperatures may be “around the […]

  2. […] Procrastination prevailed!! The shelter for my perennial plants was delayed and freezing temperatures are predicted for tonight. So mid-afternoon, I worked to protect the plants I hope will survive the Winter. ~~ This was a hasty endeavor; not the shelter I have envisioned. […]

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