Build a squirrel baffle

Do you have abandoned satellite dishes in your backyard?  I had two… from previous tenants in my apartment.  My apartment had been vacant for over two years!!  (Personally, I limit myself to “free” TV reception.)  I’ve planned this project for several months and finally bought the hardware a few days ago.  I “borrowed” the idea from a professionally built baffle that cost over $25.  I paid less than $5. for the hardware for the satellite-dish baffle.  ~~  I doubt that my inexpensive item will stop the squirrels but “the creative side of me” wanted to attempt “building a better mouse trap” (building a better squirrel baffle).  ~~  FYI:  Prior to drilling the hole, the battery for my drill had to charge overnight.  That explains my early morning project versus late afternoon, after work. 








Postscript, 7:00 PM: I was called to work mid-morning. Back home, after work (after 5), I swapped the baffles before filling the feeder.  Time will tell, this arrangement might keep the squirrels off the bird feeder.

Postscript, 6/29/12, 11:45 AM: Some women move the furniture around. I move bird feeders, bird houses, hanging flower baskets–and baffles.  I want things to “look nice” and I didn’t “like” the appearance of last night’s arrangement.

Postscript, 6/29/12, 7:45 PM: “No,” the new arrangement didn’t stop a squirrel.

One comment on “Build a squirrel baffle

  1. […] plants. I’ve known the tarp will collect rain and sag if not supported in the middle. In North Carolina, the satellite dish served as a baffle over bird feeders to discourage squirrels. It will be an […]

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