Touching base

Remember the earlier blog with a picture of “twiddling (my) thumbs”?? That didn’t last very long!! I need another pair of hands so I can accomplish all that needs to be done!! Oh well, one day at a time!!

As I moved things out of the T@B trailer, I discovered a massive amount of mold on the inside back wall. That needs attention!! The T@B looks like a tornado hit it–things are in disarray. ~~ Much to be done in the new (used) Carriage. However, first, I spread out the collection of statements, etc., (on the floor) and organized. Some… were discarded, others filed in a new appropriate location. I’ll start my Income Tax preparation soon (because I need the refund).

Yesterday (Friday), after weeks of frustration, I finally managed to get to the on-line banking for my reasonably new local bank. I’ve told numerous people “Texas has not been hospitable to this old lady.” First, the struggle to get the T@B and KIA registered and licensed. Simultaneous, Amica was not willing to insure the T@B (in Texas) if I was “living” in it (nor would they insure the Carriage “if I was living in it”). So I had to start with new insurance companies (at a substantial increase of fee). Remember my battle with TracFone to get cell phone service?

Money, money, money!! This move to Texas has been more expensive than I ever (in my wildest dreams) imagined!! Vehicle registration(s) and license(s) exceeded $1300. ($965.50 for the Carriage left me physically sick!!) 

I don’t want to burden you with my “tale of woe”; I just want to explain why a week has passed without a new blog message. I know that expenses will stabilize and (hopefully) I’ll have money for planter soil. My things, from North Carolina, will arrive in a few weeks and I’ll be able to start my container gardens. I already have birds–and squirrels–at the feeders purchased since I arrived.

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