Baby steps !!

Planning ahead for next week (camp out), I needed to off-load five large planters. I opened the mini-storage roll-up door and put the planters in open spaces. I closed the roll-up door and started to latch the padlocks. “No, Lorraine, spend a few minutes rearranging!! Take a few donations to Habitat for Humanity Resale store.” So I arranged, and rearranged. I even considered shifting the picnic table to a place along the right side wall. The picnic table is so heavy I couldn’t budge it one inch!! I took the Halo vacuum cleaner, two electric heaters, and several framed pictures to Habitat. “Are you sure you don’t need the heaters?” My reply: “I can’t hang on to everything; I must downsize.” ~~ Guess how many large planters are stored… but will be used next Spring? Fifteen!! Honestly, I didn’t realize I had acquired so many new planters. (They were on-sale!! Hence I could justify the purchases [a few at a time].) ~~ An Internet search reveals a similar picnic table weighs 216 pounds and sells for $179.00. Hopefully it will sell at our CARE Health Fair in March. ~~ “Baby steps”?? I’ve only begun to apply time and energy to downsizing the mini-storage unit.

The cluttered storage unit

Unloading large planters

Empty rear area

Planters quickly off-loaded

Decided to rearrange

Lots of empty boxes

The opposite corner

Behind the picnic table


Ready to donate

Cart full of donations

Habitat sign

Lunch at Cici's

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