Awesome technology !!

This blogger has followed a holistic lifestyle for over thirty years. I have been opposed to surgery, and prescription drugs, flu shots, etc. Watch this video and marvel at the possibilities for the future–**if** BIG business hospitals and “big pharma” (pharmaceuticals) don’t interfere.

On a sad note: I’ve lost two neighbors this week to disease. A lady to liver cancer and a man to heart attack. Unfortunately, that’s what I will experience in the months (and years?) to follow living in a residential care community. That’s what I will experience because I am “three quarters and counting” (almost eighty years old). An acquaintance recently said “old age sucks” and I agree wholeheartedly!! My complaint today: Pain in my neck and shoulders from too much work last week (at the CARE garage sale). My mind says I want to do projects as though I am forty years old, my body reminds me that’s not possible. But–because I’ve followed a holistic lifestyle–I’m in much better health than many of my neighbors (praise God). Counting my blessings!!

Count you blessings

Green Side of the Grass

“No rest for the wicked…”

An old quote my mother too often repeated.  As if I don’t have enough projects to keep me busy (and bone weary), I just received a phone call (1:00 PM) advising me that a smaller storage unit is available. So I need to tackle that project before the month is over. I won’t be able to “downsize” everything in my present mini-storage unit for many months but I can save a few dollars by shifting things to a smaller unit. 

Counting my blessings!! The weather has finally cooled enough so working in a metal storage unit will be tolerable. Counting my blessings because I can save a few dollars. (Save a few dollars for additional expenses on the cruise?!)

Today–in an effort to limit strenuous work (neck pain and aching shoulders)–I started packing my suitcase for a camp out later this month. The local Escapees chapter will be camping in Spring, Texas, October 27th through October 31st. I’ve wanted to join the group (for a year) but have been “too busy.” I won’t be taking my precious T@B teardrop trailer. Several single ladies–without an RV–prevailed on me to join them in a cabin at the campgrounds. Divided four ways: “Less expensive than a campsite” –so that’s the plan.

Life is goodTwins stick figuresI need to be cloned so I can get everything done that needs to be done!! Leaves need to be raked; weeds need to be pulled!! Windows need washing inside and out; the inside of my 5th-wheel trailer needs reorganization!! ~~ I’m not complaining; life is good!!

~ ~ ~ ~

IMG_1673Postscript, Wednesday, October 22, 2014: Change of plans!! Recently, I bought raffle tickets to support our local SPCA. I won this manmade-in-the-USA picnic table and a friend was kind enough to transport it from site to site. Until next March, it will be stored in my large mini-storage unit. There went my plans to transfer things into a smaller unit!! Oh well, it’s only money!! I’ll adjust my budget. ~~ Can you see that monster in my already overcrowded yard?? “No way!!”

Picnic table at SPCA

It's very heavy

Picnic table on trailer

Picnic table in storage

Watched another VHS…

Thornbirds…recorded in 1996. Last night, by 6:00 PM, I was ready to “sit a spell.” I pulled out another old VHS-tape and discovered (to my surprise) The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years. I probably watched it while recording it but have no recollection of “the missing years.” Four hours later (two-part mini-series), I went to bed. ~~ I got up at 8:00 but (honestly) I’m still tired. The CARE garage sale wore me out!! ~~ This is a  “major event” day in the adjacent Escapees Rainbow’s End RV Park. There will be dozens of vendors in the Activity Center. Read my blog from one year ago–and have a big laugh!!

Postscript, Tuesday, October 21, 2014: I have watched all my old VHS-tapes and they have been, or will be, donated to thrift shops. Part of my “downsizing” project. (Little by little–but a long way to go!!)

‘Round the clock !!

Clock seven o'clock (best)This old grandma went to bed at 7:35 PM and got up at 7:00 AM. It was a long busy week as many of us prepared for, and then “manned,” the semi-annual CARE garage sale.  Since our last event, in April, we received a massive amount of donations. It took three days to “set up” and price followed by three days “open for business.” Most nights, during the week, I went to bed about 8:30. Last night, even earlier.

Before I elaborate on my week, I want to comment on my opening words “this old grandma.” I received a phone call from a grandson on Friday. If my memory serves me correctly, I saw him briefly in July 2003, and one quick phone call a year or two ago. This conversation was long and full of information about the extended family. ~~ Oh joy!!

About the CARE garage sale: no pictures (can you believe I didn’t take pictures?). But you can get an idea from pictures taken a year ago. My energy was spent arranging (and rearranging) blankets, sheets, towels, curtains, etc. We started with items piled (on tables) higher than my head!! By mid-morning Saturday, I had a limited amount of things on one table (two tables had been folded up and carried away). Who could resist one dollar bath towels, one dollar sheets and/or two dollar blankets?? On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I coordinated–and packaged–matching sets. I did such a good job (LOL), the bedding department will be my regular assignment!!

Western wear (2)Western wear (1)Confession: I spent over $60.00 and that means I bought an awful lot of things!! Books were ten cents (will I ever read them?); clothes for fifty cents and one dollar. I now have more-than-enough “new” (used) clothing for my “cruise wardrobe.” Furthermore, I bought “western” clothes to take to our square dance club. I’ll offer them “free” but suggest the buyer give a donation to the square dance club.

I bought items to donate to the “silent auction” at our next CARE Health Fair (March 2015). From the bedding department, for the price of a blanket ($2.00), this beautiful new queen size summer/winter comforter. Likewise, a down sleeping bag for two dollars.

I failed to document all the details in an earlier blog; I went to Huntsville to sell linen, and lace, table clothes I’ve owned for over fifty years. Several belonged to my grandmothers. But I have no place to use them and my children and grandchildren have no interest in my memorabilia. This week I excluded (from the sale) linen table clothes, napkins, doilies, embroidered scarves, etc., and will take them to the specialty shop in Huntsville. Whatever I receive… will be better than the bargain prices at our garage sale!! The money will be added to the proceeds from our garage sale.

Today, I face the task of putting things away. An early project: Hand laundry of pretty clothing. The yard beckons; much to be done (after a week of neglect). I’ll have to force myself to do indoor projects first!!

Vintage — like me ?!

The “Pioneer Travel Pak” premium goose down sleeping bag may be a vintage Jones Tent and Awning bag. If it dates back to the 40’s and 50’s, it has been well cared for. Used, but not abused!!

Down coatDown sleeping bagDown sleeping bags are terribly expensive!! Maybe I should advertise this on eBay or Craig’s List and give the money to CARE garage sale??

I’m old enough to recognize the value of many items (thrift shop “junkie”). Another purchase this week: Eddie Bauer full-length goose down ladies coat. During an exhaustive Internet search, I couldn’t find the exact item; something similar.

Cruise wear ?!

Actually, now I have a variety and I’ll choose the most attractive. Button-front shirts will look nice over a black sleeveless pullover–with the black pleated skirt. CARE garage sale purchase of blue light-weight hooded rain coat.  Add a pair of white canvas, lace up shoes for during the day walking on shipboard or sightseeing tours. ~~ All these… so I feel like I’m taking a trip with a new wardrobe!!

By the end of November, I may cancel a cruise if there are more reports of suspected Ebola on board–and countries like Belize and Mexico refusing to allow the liner to dock.

I’ve been doing hand laundry all afternoon. Good thing I checked the label on the long black sleeveless dress; it says “dry clean only.”

Beautiful blouse

Earth tones shirt

Another pretty shirt

Velvet sleeveless with matching jacket

– – – –

Long black pleated skirt

Sleeveless black top with sweater

Long sleeveless dress

White pullover sweater

– – – –

White slacks

Slacks (1)

Slacks (2)

Blue rain coat

– – – –

Neatly hung (1)

Neatly hung (2)

Thrift shop shoes

Ebola mathematics !!

The Health Ranger’s newest article goes into detail about the mathematics regarding the spread of Ebola.

I don’t consider myself a “worry wart”; I see myself as a concerned citizen. I find it interesting–and sad–that Ebola never comes up in conversations where I live and work. (“Work” being volunteer hours preparing for the CARE “garage sale” later this week. Labor intensive and, fortunately, about twenty-five workers.)

~ ~ ~

Postscript, Wednesday, October 15, 2014: Same song, new verse: Shocking W.H.O. report.

Another postscript, October 15, 2014, 4:00 PM: Now another Dallas nurse has Ebola.

Yet another postscript, October 17, 2014: Dallas County prepares for… Ebola.

Sad but true !!

In my email this morning, the following narrative from my friend Debbie.

Me, after I stepped aside as a car made its way into the space where I was standing outside the motel; “Excuse me, you know this isn’t a parking spot? It’s the handicap ramp.” 
Man: Yeah, I know, I’m handicapped.
Me: Yes, I see, but this isn’t a handicapped spot. It’s the ramp to the door, and your parking here will block it.
Man: (Agitated and raising his voice) Why don’t you mind your business and worry about something that affects you?
Me: Ah. Well, it does affect me, because I just helped my 92-year-old dad up the ramp, and parked our vehicle, with a handicapped permit, a row away. Now he can’t get down the ramp with you parking here. And nobody with a walker or a wheelchair or anyone else that needs the ramp can use it to get in or out of the hotel.
Man: (Roaring) Leave me the F*** alone!
Me: Excuse me? 
Man: Go away! Do you want me to call the cops??
Me: Yes, by all means. I’ll wait here with you. Do you need to use my phone?
Man: Shut the F*** Up and get out of here! (Yelling and pointing at his plate) See THIS? I served my country in the United States Army. 
Me: Well, then I’m so glad I also served, in the United States Navy, so people like you can treat others like this. And I’m sure my dad, who was an Army Combat Medic and Prisoner of War, will also be delighted to hear who blocked the ramp.
Nothing like ending the day on a happy note. Wow. 
Had dinner and a nice evening with Mom’s 98-year-old sister in the Catskills and will head over to NH tomorrow.
Being a writer, I want to write a long blistering article about the selfishness of individuals, and the lack of respect shown to one another.  I want… but I won’t.

Very sad but true !!

Is this information–regarding Ebola–on the major news programs?? I don’t have access to television but wonder if the news media is delivering the entire details regarding Ebola in Dallas, Texas (just one hundred eighty miles from my home).

More Ebola information from the Health Ranger.

Read Mike Adams’ other articles posted in my earlier blog. And, more about Ebola.


And this from the Douglass Report:

Big Pharma playing hero in Ebola outbreak it helped cause

U.S. soldiers are on the ground, double-timing their way through African cities crawling with disease. Hospitals are bursting with sick and dying patients.

Ebola has now reached three continents on its globe-trotting tour, and everyone is asking the same question.

Who’s to blame for the carnage?

How about the World Health Organization for its sloth-slow response to the initial outbreak? Or world leaders like our Appeaser in Chief, who have failed to lock down borders?

They’re partners in crime, for sure. But the REAL culprits behind the Ebola outbreak are the same folks now trying to play the hero… the same medical mischiefs who want to con you into believing they’re waging some valiant war against the disease.

Big Pharma.

Because drug companies didn’t exactly CAUSE the Ebola outbreak. But they did sit back and watch a lot of people die.

Every day you see a new media report about drug companies rushing to bring experimental medications and vaccines to market. But their efforts are about making cash, not saving lives.

Ebola isn’t some “Johnny come lately” disease. It was discovered 38 years ago, and there have been DOZENS of outbreaks since.

There shouldn’t have been any need to work overtime on experimental drugs. We should have had them years ago. Of course, there were three problems that got in the way:

  • The world’s governments have become dependent on Big Pharma to fund medical research.
  • The people dying of Ebola were poor.
  • Poor people are bad for Big Pharma’s bottom line.

See the problem?

Ben Neuman, a British virologist, recently told the Associated Press that Big Pharma avoided Ebola because “they have stockholders to think about.” Stockholders, not patients.

So Big Pharma turned its back on Ebola for decades — all while simultaneously waging a war against hydrogen peroxide and other natural treatments that could provide REAL hope for Ebola patients.

Well, don’t believe for a second that these pill pushers suddenly grew a conscience. When they do finally arrive from their labs, carrying some anti-Ebola elixir like it’s the Holy Grail, they’re going to shake down the world’s governments (including our own) for a king’s ransom.

And believe it or not, some folks will even call them heroes.

Well, friend, the real heroes in the war against Ebola are the doctors and nurses working 24-hour shifts out of Third World hospitals. They lack even basic safety supplies — and lots of them are joining the growing list of the dead.

So let’s be mighty careful before we put some drug company CEOs on a pedestal. Because all these execs see is a billion-dollar sales opportunity on their hands.

But there’s plenty of blood there, too.

Lorraine comment: The CARE residents (my next door neighbors) go to doctors and hospitals in Houston–not Dallas. However, isn’t it possible a Dallas patient might be transferred to Houston and the dreaded disease is transported to our more immediate area of concern?? Ebola could strike “home” in the near future!