Something old, something new, …

…something appropriated, wouldn’t you??

Picnic table

Picnic tableThe only picnic tables are at the CARE Center RV sites for the volunteers. A volunteer left yesterday morning (after six months working maintenance). This morning I grabbed two volunteers (leaving soon, after one month) to help me move the picnic table. Tomorrow (Monday) I may be reprimanded… and it may be removed. Doggonit, I plan to be here the rest of my life; I’d like a picnic table. (I had planned to buy a wrought-iron table and two chairs–at the recent CARE garage sale–but it had mysteriously been sold prior to actual opening of the sale. But that’s another story!) Personally, I think the picnic table is a valuable addition to my yard. I’ll paint it. Double doggonit: I earned it!! Although laundry service and housecleaning are part of the monthly fee, I do my own laundry and cleaning. I seldom eat their overcooked, highly processed meals!! (You’ve heard that message before.) I seldom require anything from “maintenance”; I have to mow (weed wack) my own yard. I’ve asked to borrow a twelve-foot step-ladder but my requests have been ignored. I finally got the electric drill I had been requesting because I went to the shop while a maintenance man was there and he grudgingly loaned to me. (My battery drill doesn’t hold a charge long enough for some of my projects.)

I’ve just returned from doing laundry (in the nearby Escapees Rainbow’s End RV Park) and have things to put away. 


Postscript, Monday, April 28th, 8:00 AM: Moving that heavy table was NOT a good idea!!! I’m in so much pain I can only sit in my wonderful, comfortable glider-recliner chair (with my morning coffee) and watch the Bluebirds coming for mealworms, and squirrels enjoying their treats. (A two-Aleve day!! I very seldom use any over-the-counter or prescription drug!!)

One comment on “Something old, something new, …

  1. Deb says:

    Yup, I sure would.

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