First day of Spring ??

It felt like it!!

True to my earlier comments, I elected to work in the yard. (The pictures were an afterthought. I probably started before noon.) Getting that white frame “trellis” over the fence post and around a gnarled tree stump was a major challenge!! Had I planned my pictures, I would have a “before” picture with all the subsequently removed new growth on that tree stump. I’ve doused the stump with root killer and will continue to trim… and douse… until it is no longer a nuisance. ~~ Age-wise, I did too much?!?! My arms and shoulders ache!! ~~ The simulated whiskey barrel planters were arranged, and rearranged. I want similarity with variety of size and elevation. ~~ Having moved plants from the shelter, I pray we don’t have any more freezing weather. In a few days, or a few weeks, I’ll drill holes in the bottom of the large tubs and transplant the Mandevilla vines into the larger containers. (First, I’ll retrieve new planters from the storage unit so I can drill all at the same time.)

Time and temperature

Two Mandavilla plants

Relocated Mandevilla plants

Future home of Trumpet vine

Weeds pulled around Rosemarry

Cape Honeysuckle ready to bloom

Honeysuckle new growth

Simulated whiskey barrel planters

– – –

Guilt signTime and temperature“Millions hunkered down and snowed in.” Watching the NBC Evening News–with details about the blizzard in the Northeast–I feel guilty for enjoying such a beautiful day!!

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