Experiment ?!

Time and temperatureOn a chilly morning, while wearing a jacket, I started a project I’m labeling an experiment. The plastic webbing was cut away from the chair–and inserted in the bottom of the crate. Two objectives: Cover the bottom of the crate, plus additional drainage benefits. As I said, “an experiment.” Next: Coco fiber around the sides. Coco fiber did not work well here in Texas last year (okay in planters in North Carolina). I’m recycling the used fiber. Then I added the last of a bag of organic planter soil (from last year). The crate-planter needs a lot more soil. I intend to insert a Tristan Strawberry plant in this peculiar chair-planter. See the fraternal twins (ha): Cucumber seeds planted in orange-color crate. ~~ “An experiment” because the soil in both crate-planters may dry out too quickly (as the soil dried out too quickly in coco fiber Texas hanging flower baskets). I’m hoping the roots of the plants will be very happy with good drainage and ventilation. I’m hoping…. ~~ I can re-position the chairs for sunshine or shade depending upon the weather. Trust me: You’ll learn more about this experiment as the months go by.

The chairs

Plastic for bottom of crate

Webbing was cut away

Coco fiber and crate

All the plastic web seat

Webbing and coco fiber

Organic planter soil (1)

Organic planter soil (2)

Fraternal twins

Time and temperature






One-twenty-five (now) and time to continue in the yard. Bird feeders empty in one day’s time (!!) so that task awaits my attention.

– – –

Hanging planter with coco fiber

Recycle this coco fiber?Afterthought: The type of hanging basket that did poorly last summer.

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