Free WiFi @ CARE Center

Time & temperatureMandevilla  is bloomingTouching base on this Memorial Day Holiday Monday. (I disapprove! We should honor the true date.) So far today, cool and pleasant; overcast. ~~ I have a new helper; his name is Stanley. (Large Halo vacuum will be donated to Habitat thrift shop; CARE Health Fair did not want it for their Silent Auction.) ~~ I gave “Ivy” some tender loving care because she misses her former home (owner couldn’t take her [and three other plants] across the Canadian border en route to Alaska). ~~ I hammered two long pieces of metal into the ground to support the planter with Calibrachoa, and tied planter to metal. ~~ I’ve been diffusing Thieves Oil in the T@B to kill any remaining mold.  ~~ Almost all day Saturday occupied helping with a Memorial Service for former resident. ~~ Sunday (almost all day) to and from Houston to visit a Staff member friend in the hospital after a vehicle accident on Saturday.



Stanley in storage box

Halo vacuum cleaner with ultra-violet cleaning


Reinforced planter (front)

Reinforced planter (back)

Reinforced planter

Thieves Oil in TaB


Definitely **NOT** a terribly exciting day. It’s 5:00 PM and I’ve been in the CARE Center all day working on blog messages, uploading pictures, researching on the Internet, and checking my Bank statement on-line. I’m told it has begun to rain and is terribly humid outside. I’ll go home in a few minutes and prepare a nice BIG salad. Hot dogs and hamburgers were served (here) at noon. I ate potato salad and watermelon!! ~~ Hope you enjoyed a pleasant holiday!!

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