Mold in T@B — part six

Thieves Oil in TaBThis blog may be published at a later date but it is 3:00 PM, Monday, May 26th, 2014 (Memorial Day Holiday). I have been searching the web again for additional information regarding mold facts and Thieves Oil. I believe my health is well worth extensive research and additional expense if necessary. I suspect I should have included Thieves Household Cleaner with my original order?! ~~ I’ve been “diffusing” for several days (off and on), in the T@B trailer. Tomorrow I’ll return to the project after activities that took me away from my home and garden.

Request: If you decide to order Essential Oils from Young Living, please indicate that you learned from Lorraine Edwards member #1824917. Frankly, I “joined” because I could purchase the items I needed at a discounted price. I’m on a budget!!

Actually, I’ll publish… and return later with additional information.

Did you read Rome wasn’t built in a dayMold in T@B–part one,  Mold in T@B–part two, Mold in T@B–part three, Mold in T@B– part four and Mold in T@B–part five??

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