Saving rain water…

…for my plants.

Time & temperature

Water off awning

Containers with rain water

Rain off awning (2)

Truck stuck (1)

Truck stuck (2)


Containers of water

Rain soaked Calibrachoa

Standing water (1)

Standing water (2)

Time & temperature


Rain gauge (1)

Rain gauge (2)

Eight containers


Plants thrive on rain water. I have enough saved… to quench their thirst for a week or two. ~~ Rain stopped for several hours but returned full force. I pulled more containers from the storage building so (at 3:00 PM) there are eleven. ~~ Click each picture for details, and to enlarge.

Prior to more rain

More rain from eave.

Rain drops on containers

Tarp covering mattress

Twelve containers






At last count, twelve containers!! I think I can find a couple more containers because rain is forecast all week and over the weekend.

One comment on “Saving rain water…

  1. Deb says:

    You have one end of your awning lower than the other, so the rain can’t collect on the awning, right? People forget and end up with busted awnings because of that a lot. Also, remember that in places where mosquitoes are a problem, they may frown on standing water. But with a big garden, you’ll probably use it up before the little buggers could use it for a breeding ground, lol. Looks like everything is doing well despite that storm that beat them u a little bit!

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