Mold in T@B — part three

Getting started.

Putting down the stabilizers


Outside of T@B

Sprinkling rain

Not that a few raindrops would hurt me, I came in to have a cup of coffee and upload these pictures. It’s a pleasant 82 degrees outside, cloudy with wind, and a sprinkling of rain. The weather report says this condition will last most of the week so this is my perfect opportunity to clean mold and mildew in the tiny teardrop trailer. I started by standing (hunched over) in the extreme back, sponging white vinegar on the culprit. “Oh no, we’re going down!!” So I needed to use the tool and lower the stabilizers. It’s looking better where I have swiped white vinegar–but I have a long way to go.

Read Rome wasn’t built in a dayMold in T@B–part one, and Mold in T@B–part two.


I went searching T@B Teardrop Travels for a specific picture of my T@B during a rain storm–with a rainbow arched down, touching the T@B. **Oops!!** I did not document my trip, in March 2010, to Be In Health, Thomaston, Georgia.  Too busy getting ready for the move from Shelby, North Carolina. Well, those pictures are probably lost forever because my former laptop computer crashed, and my backup system was flawed.


Smiley face with fanTime & temperatureHaving to use the air-conditioner–in early May–is a new experience. Every time I turn on the A/C, I start counting the dollars!! Even with the oscillating fan, the indoor temperature was higher than outdoors. I was uncomfortably warm while reading!!

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